Sunday, May 29, 2011

RAUH-Welt in Heavy Hitters Magazine

Ever since I say the blog post on Tokyo Drive Magazine about Heavy Hitters Magazine paying a visit to the famous shop of RAUH-Welt Begriff (RWB) to spend some time with Akira Nakai the founder of RWB and talk shop I've been waiting for the issue to hit the newstand and I found out this week that the issue was finally out.  Now just to track down a copy.

After a quick run down to Hastings (the only store that currently carries HH magazine where I live) I picked up my copy headed home cracked open a bottle of Stella and went straight to the article on RAUH-Welt.

First lets look at the pictures.  There are several full page spreads the first page you can see in the picture above.  There is another gorgeous B&W picture of the shop that also spans two pages.  Another features Nakai-san in front of his new pride and joy the Royal Montegobay 993R that is also joined by a bright red 964, the 930 Master Piece and a wide-body early white 911.  There is a couple more pages of these cars and a tiny little picture of my current favorite RWB car the white and red 964 ducktail car (why can't I get more pictures of THIS car!).  The last two page spread gives us more Royal Montegobay eye candy as it rolls down the street looking just badass.  But it doesn't end there nope.  We get a little Stella Artois goodness on the last page and another shot of Nakai-san in his shop. I have to say there are some really great shots in here and I wish there were more online.

And the writing is good too.  There can only be so many different ways to write about Nakai-san's history from his start tuning and drifting Toyota AE86's with Rough World to his eventual and shocking turn to wrenching on the mighty Porsche 911, but HH does a good job of it .  I wish there was something else besides the once again history lesson but hey you get what you get.  The quotes spread around the picture are nice though.  You'll have to pick up your own copy of Heavy Hitters issue #21 (where ever you can find it) to read the whole story for yourself.

Pictures -- A+ some damn stunning pictures
Story -- A-  it's good but it is the same story anyone who's followed RWB has already heard before.
Overall -- A must buy for any RAUH-Welt Begriff fan, period.

This is the fourth American published Magazine featuring an article on RAUH-Welt Begriff but there are more out there.  I've heard that there is still a couple more magazine articles out there yet to be published the only problem is they may not be for American mags which makes them harder to acquire and much more expensive.  And don't get me started on the older Japanese published magazines.

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