Wednesday, June 29, 2011

RAUH-Welt Videos Galore

A facebook friend and avid RAUH-Welt Begriff fan like myself suggested on the RWB facebook page that they should upload all the Videos onto one channel.  Only problem with that is that there are actually a lot of videos out there and it would take some time to download and re-upload all those videos to one place, so I've gone and done the next best thing.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bus Pilot Association Family Runion Car Show 2011

With local Ford club car show in the rearview mirror I happened to find myself at the Lakeview Park in Nampa ID on Sunday for another more interesting (in my opinion) car show.  This week it was the 17th Annual Bus Pilots Association Family Reunion Car Show.  While I'm not a hug Volkswagen bus and bug fan I do like them a whole lot more than Fords and Muscle cars so I was more pumped about this car show than last weeks.  Also it doesn't hurt when friends are there with their rocking VWs.

Because I'm not a big bus and bug fan this is the first Family Reunion Car Show that I've been too.  I could go on and on about the various Bugs and Buses that were there and there was a healthy dose of every type that you could imagine really.  Toss in a couple off roaders, Karmann Ghias and one sweet Squareback for a good turn out at this year's Family Reunion.

VW Jetta GL WolfsburgBut none of those are really my cup of tea.  I'm more of a VW hatch and sedan fan.  And there just wasn't a whole lot of those there.  My friend and her friends were all in their own little group together showing off the Golf group with a lone MkII Jetta Wolfsburg next to them.  My friend's GTi was looking killer with the new BBS rims powder coated by Moda Metals

I was quite interested in the Jetta myself.  I liked the clean paint and the shiny black molding which I want to get done myself.  I didn't care much for the smoked lenses but I did like the clear turn signals.  I really want to get those but with LEDs.  Something I definitely didn't like though were the white rims.  I just don't like white on white color schemes.  Then there was the cracked windshield, totally killed the overall look of the car.

One of the things that I didn't like overall about the car show is more of a photography nitpick than anything else.  With all the cars parked under or around the trees at the park it made it difficult to get some really good pictures and most of my pictures have blown out backgrounds trying to get a good image of the car in the shade.  Add in the various shade patterns created by the leaves and everything else I honestly only think my pictures are snapshot worthy but they are uploaded to flickr for you to check out and pass your own judgement.  You can check out the flickr set here -- Bus Pilot Association Family Reunion Car Show

Porsche Boxster Spyder
I was also hoping that a couple of the Volkswagen's cousin would show up but the only Porsche that I saw there was an engine from a Porsche 356 in the Karmann Ghia Cabriolet. Since there just wasn't any at the show on my way home I stopped off at the Porsche dealership and snapped some quick and dirty images of the Porsche Boxster Spyder that they had recently gotten in.  I can't wait for the Sun Valley Road Rally since Porshe is supposed to be  a big part of it.

I didn't take any video but someone for the Bus Pilot Association (<--check out their Facebook page) took a video of the event which you can check out here. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

2011 Treasure Valley Mustang and Ford Car Show

With a bit of a break in the Autocross schedule I need to keep my self occupied and what better way than to find my way to some local car shows.  So this last Saturday I took a drive out to the Lakeview Park in Nampa for the 2011 Treasure Valley Mustang and Ford Club Car Show.

Now I'm not a big Mustang or even Ford fan so you're probably thinking why even bother.  Well any chance to get in some photography is a good thing.  That and the roommate's father is a member so I knew about it and I was bored so yeah it just seemed like a thing to do.

Plus the last time I went there was a pretty decent turn out of imports as well.  Not this year though, and unlike previous years they were all spread out.  There wasn't even a Ford GT like the previous year either.  I was bummed but what can you do.  I did run into a fellow Autocrosser who brought his cool looking Ford Econoline Pick-up.  Complete with Pussy Wagon keychain.

IMG_9744As far as Mustangs go there was some cool stuff like the new Boss 302 and the local Ford dealership had a new Shelby GT500 there as well.  It could be yours for a cool $57k.   However, a lot of what was out there I've seen before at previous years.

I ran the gauntlet of cars taking my pictures and people watching.  It's always interesting to do that sometimes more than looking at the cars.  Especially when you're not especially interested in the cars at the show.  I noticed a gaggle of "gang-bangers" scoping out the one military vehicle there, but they weren't interested in the vehicle just the Browning Ma-Deuce.  Add in the various people who think they know what they are talking about but are so far off that even some one with a little bit of knowledge would know they were full of it. 

IMG_9694Unfortunately mother nature was still acting up and the day was filled with an overcast sky.  I was lucky that I went early enough to miss out on the rain that soon started to fall. I finished editing the pictures that I took this morning and uploaded them to flickr and you can check out the set here -- Mustang and Ford Car Show.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

RAUH-Welt at Idlers Games 2011

There is one thing every RAUH-Welt fan should look forward to and that's the Idlers Games a place where cars of various types gather to race in a more relaxed atmosphere than what you would normally find at other types of race series.  And while the groups are varied one thing you'll find plenty of at the Idlers Games are RAUH-Welt Begriff tuned Porsche 911 cars and that makes it a mecca for any RWB fan.  Thankfully with the rise in internet popularity of the RWB brand there were plenty of photographers on hand to snap some pictures and get some video at the latest Idlers Games event.

Unfortunately for me since I'm here in Idaho very very far away from the action I don't get to go and get my own content.  That doesn't mean I can't put my Google-fu to work and round up some awesome content from other sources on the Internet.  Form what I've already seen posted up I really think there had to be a pretty good number of press people out there.  I'm thinking maybe 4 racers to every 1 photographer so hopefully there will be a large amount of pictures and videos uploaded to the internet and in good quality sizes as well. 

While I'm most interested in the RAUH-Welt cars you can find plenty of other 911 cars from various other Porsche Tuner shops in Japan.  I've seen names like Sunburst, Promodet, Minerva, Challenge and UZI (the actual RWB UZI car was not looking all that healthy sporting some nasty battle scars stitched up with what seems like an entire stores worth of zip-ties from an earlier race) as well. Add in some what I call Plain Jane 911s for good measure.  However, Idlers isn't all about just Porsches though, with some 24 different race classes there is a large variety of machinery out there racing.  Literally something for everyone to like.

Idlersclub has posted the results for the race from June 12, 2011 and you can check that out here -- RESULTS.  The none linked ones are the preliminary rounds followed by Finals by class (middle section) and then Finals overall (bottom section).  It looks like the next round for the idlersclub will be a12hr enduro race on July 17th and I expect that there will still be

Of course what would a Japanese Race be without some Race Queens.   The Idlers Games has two of their own in the form of Ms. Misaki and Ms.Camellia.  One thing I'll say about the RQ's they need to get them some shoes that are the right size.  Seriously.

Now then how about I stop yapping and start showing you the goods.  I'll update it as I find more stuff as it usually takes a while for everything to find it's way to the internet.  In the mean time enjoy what I've been able to find so far.

Speedhunters -- Idlers Preview
Speedhunters -- Idlers Part 1
Speedhunters -- Idlers Part 2
TracktoStreet -- Idlers Part 1
TracktoStreet -- Idlers Part 2 (non RWB content)
Sekky911 -- Videos
Euro-R911 -- Pictures
Premium Days -- Write up and some pictures
Takuya Shirasaka -- Write up and pictures (did I find another RWB Owner to add?) Nope
Photozou -- Pictures
Porsche 911 -- Pictures
85 Carrera 3.2 Kai -- Pictures
Enjoy! Porsche 911 & the 930World -- Pictures
RAUH-Welt Begriff gallery  -- Pictures by Aaron Mai
JonSibal -- pictures and write up
Iheartstance -- Great Write up and pictures (small though)
Iheartstance -- Part 2 with video
Iheartstance -- Part 3 non RWB stuff
Dorf (RWB) -- Write up and Video
Exceed Moat -- write up and Pictures
Naoya S14 -- write up and Pictures
997 GT3 -- Write up and Videos
Greenday -- Write up and Pictures
A friend of Justice -- Write up and Pictures
Oka Oka -- Write up and Pictures
Another Blog -- Write up and Pictures

As always every picture that I've found has been uploaded to the RWBooru including the random pictures from Facebook that have not been posted on this blog.  So if you want to see all the pictures checking out the RWBooru it's worth a look. 
That's the stuff I've found so far for pictures here are some videos.  The most interesting I'm sure for most people was this trailer that popped up from Driftcolors. They uploaded the complete video on Friday. Check it out.

But I've also found a good number of videos on YouTube as well

While this is from the Exceed Moat S14 look at all those RWB cars in front of him.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011 Super GT Rd 1 -- Okayama 250km

Since the third round of the 2011 Autobacs Super GT race is scheduled for next week I think I should really get my ass in gear and get my blog post of the 1st round up now before I get really far behind.  As we all know the 1st round was originally postponed due to the Earthquake and Tsunami and was rescheduled to happen after the second round.  Now we are back on schedule and ready to hopefully finish out this race season without any more hiccups. 
Since Super GT has cut back on their digest video that they release and I haven't found a short video of the race to watch this year I'm going to not have a long lengthy recap of the race like I'd like.  But I think I may have found something that would help out with that but until then we'll just have to deal with it this way.

Copy and Paste time.  Actually I won't even do that.  You can read a great right up of the race from the English Super GT site here -- Okayama 250k, recap

GT500 --
Was won by the Nissan GT-R of Team Calsonic Impul  finishing behind them in second place was the Honda HSV-010 of Team Raybrig and third place went to another Honda HSV-010 this time from team Keihin.  With this the team standings still finds Team Nismo in 1st place over all followed by Calsonic Impul and Petronas Tom's.  The new teams are showing good progress coming in at 7th for Team WedSport and 9th for Team Mola

GT300 --
I'm still pulling for the Itasha cars to collect some good points and finish in some top spots but this race wasn't for them.  It was an all Foreigner top three (not really hard considering) with the Aston Martin of team Triple A clinching it's first win ever in 1st place.  Second place went to the Jim Gainer Ferrari 458 followed by another first time podium finisher the Rire Racing Lamborghini RG-3.  With two second place finishes the Jim Gainer Ferrari 458 actually ends up at the top of the points race.

You can find the total points standing here -- 2011 Point Rankings

Now here are some videos of the Okayama 250km
Super GT Digest

There are three parts to this video collection check them all out.

The next round will be at Sepang for the International Series Malaysia.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Autocross: June 5, 2011

It's been a while it seems since we've had  an Autocross blog post and it's going to be much longer until the next one as there won't be another one until late into July.  So get your Autocross fix now because it's going to be a while until the next one.  This last event was round 9 and 10 for the 2011 season and like most events I was out there on Sunday for round 10 at the Dealer Auto Auction site for another exciting autocross event.

Unlike the last event I was at this event was on a nice day with a cool breeze and no freaking rain.  What a change.  Thanks to a lot of sunscreen it wasn't a bad day at all to spend out there for most of the day.  That also means a lot of videos and pictures.  You can find the pictures on flickr by checking out this set -- Autocross June 5, 2011.

As for the videos you can find them in the normal place on my YouTube Channel.  It already looks like I'm on pace to go over 2000 videos this year as well.  And don't forget if you see that your videos are gone from past years you should check out this page -- BUY NOW -- to purchase them and upload the old videos to your own favorite video site. 

Mazda RX7Since it was a nice day out for Autocross several new cars showed up to this event like a LSwhatever powered Mazda RX7, a new little and I do mean little Lotus Elise series 1 and an extra few Lancer EVOs and Miatas that haven't been out before all tossed into the regular autocrossing crew which made for a day filled with some 70 odd drivers for Sunday's event.

Thanks to the autocross being held out at the DAA site it added an additional cool thing this event.  Next door is the Nampa Municipal Airport and a few of the WWII fighter planes that call it home were taking off and landing during the autocross event and I took the opportunity to snap some shots of the action.  You can check those pictures out here if you'd like.  Flickr set -- WWII Fighter Birds 

Lotus Elise This event's course was an interesting fast paced slalom heavy number that included a fast sweeper that saw some cars hitting 50+mph which some people probably don't see as fast but from an autocross stand point that is pretty dang fast.  There also wasn't much in the way of cone carnage either or even a lot of crazy driving.  Even the drifting S10 has seemed to calm down a fair deal and kept the truck for the most part moving straight instead of side ways.  You can see how everyone did by checking out the official times on the SRRSCCA site -- Sunday's Final Results

Here's a teaser video of the event

Friday, June 3, 2011

Rough Rhythm

Many RWB fans will be familiar with the Signal Green RWB964 owned by Ichiraku Toshi that has graced the cover of Eurotuner magazine and has been an excellent example of what has come out of the little Porsche tuner shop in the Chiba prefecture known as RAUH-Welt Begriff.  However, like all good things some times you just need to replace the old with something new and improved.  It didn't take long before the Signal Green RWB993R, known as Rough Rhythm, was introduced to the world.

Rough Rhythm is Ichiraku Toshi's second RWB car and his 15th Porsche to-date so he definitely knows what he wants in a race car, his latest green machine is no different.  The car started out life as a mild mannered black and blue 1997 993 Carrera S.  It was purchased with an already installed roll cage, GT spoiler with Banana wing and other slight racing mods done to the car.  The 993 went under the knife in early April and was fitted with the new super wide-body kit that was featured on Nakai-san's personal RWB993R the Royal Montegobay.  Once the kit was fitted and the large RWB cut out of the rear spoiler (a $900 option) done the car was ready for paint. RAUH-Welt fans were super excited to see what was going to come out of the paint booth.

It was no surprise of course that the car was going to be the same Signal Green color as his RWB964.  But was the car going to have the same black Carrera RS (RWB) stripes down the side as well? Or the same Gold colored rims as the RWB964, or was it going to be different?  Also there were questions as to whether or not it was going to get a name this time around.  Once the paint was finished it was time for the finishing touches.

In addition to the front fender canards the Rough Rhythm was fitted with the new side skirt canards as well.  This was a new addition to Nakai-san's arsenal of body mods and was also added lately to his own RWB993R.  The car also received a silver RAUH-Welt Sunshade vinyl and of course the name Rough Rhythm stenciled onto the side skirts of the car.

Rough Rhythm was completed in late May with the car's official debut at the Charity Circuit Run where every one got a good look at the new RWB993R called Rough Rhythm.  The name is two parts; Rough for Nakai-san's trade mark rough styling and Rhythm because in life everything needs some rhythm. With some digging around I found of some specs for the car as well.

Rough Rhythm STATS:
Year:  1997
Model:  Carrera S
Type:  RWB993R
Engine:  3.6L VarioRam -- RWB "Tunerhaus" ECU
HP:  310ps (306hp)
Suspension: Bilstein adjustable dampers
Brakes: Porsche Calipers with updated pads and slotted rotors
Rims: SSR SP1 Professor
Tires Rear: 335/30/18 SSR13J
Tires Front: 265/35/18 SSR10.5J
Mods: Roll Cage, Diamond plate floorboards, ARTA Racing Carbon Fiber Seat, Custom Headers, Custom Muffler and Takata seat belts
Rear Track length: 208cm or 6'8"
Front Track Lenght: 148cm or 4'9"

Thanks to Japan's Typhoon season Ichiraku Toshi hasn't been able to take the Rough Rhythm out the the favored track of RWB to give the car a proper shakedown test and to see what the car's capabilities are just yet.  Hopefully soon the Rough Rhythm will be able to head out to the Tsukuba Circuit once again and be able to set a quick pace.

Rough Rhythm is actually the third RWB993R built so far.  The fist of course is the Royal Montegobay while the second RWB993R is a Matte Black version called Oba Bone (will have to find out if it has a space or if it's one word though) and with all three of them together they are an impressive sight to behold.  It looks like 7Tune will be doing a feature on Rough Rhythm soon so be on the look out for more pictures and hopefully some videos of this mean green machine. So you'll have to visit their site to check that out.  I know I will be.

If you would like to see more pictures of the awesome RWB993R Rough Rhythm, or any other RAUH-Welt car for that matter, check out the RWBooru under the Tag Rough Rhythm.

UPDATE --  7Tune posted their own and much better write up for Rough Rhythm with some fascinating facts some killer pictures and more details but still no videos.  Oh and if that's not enough here's Part 2.  Go check it out.

I've been waiting for video of this car to surface so that we can see it in motion and hear it's growl but that hasn't been the case up until this morning when a simple walk around video was posted on YouTube.  Check out the Rough Rhythm in HD video.  Hopefully we'll get one with soundtrack provided by the engine.

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