Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011 Super GT Rd 1 -- Okayama 250km

Since the third round of the 2011 Autobacs Super GT race is scheduled for next week I think I should really get my ass in gear and get my blog post of the 1st round up now before I get really far behind.  As we all know the 1st round was originally postponed due to the Earthquake and Tsunami and was rescheduled to happen after the second round.  Now we are back on schedule and ready to hopefully finish out this race season without any more hiccups. 
Since Super GT has cut back on their digest video that they release and I haven't found a short video of the race to watch this year I'm going to not have a long lengthy recap of the race like I'd like.  But I think I may have found something that would help out with that but until then we'll just have to deal with it this way.

Copy and Paste time.  Actually I won't even do that.  You can read a great right up of the race from the English Super GT site here -- Okayama 250k, recap

GT500 --
Was won by the Nissan GT-R of Team Calsonic Impul  finishing behind them in second place was the Honda HSV-010 of Team Raybrig and third place went to another Honda HSV-010 this time from team Keihin.  With this the team standings still finds Team Nismo in 1st place over all followed by Calsonic Impul and Petronas Tom's.  The new teams are showing good progress coming in at 7th for Team WedSport and 9th for Team Mola

GT300 --
I'm still pulling for the Itasha cars to collect some good points and finish in some top spots but this race wasn't for them.  It was an all Foreigner top three (not really hard considering) with the Aston Martin of team Triple A clinching it's first win ever in 1st place.  Second place went to the Jim Gainer Ferrari 458 followed by another first time podium finisher the Rire Racing Lamborghini RG-3.  With two second place finishes the Jim Gainer Ferrari 458 actually ends up at the top of the points race.

You can find the total points standing here -- 2011 Point Rankings

Now here are some videos of the Okayama 250km
Super GT Digest

There are three parts to this video collection check them all out.

The next round will be at Sepang for the International Series Malaysia.

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