Sunday, June 19, 2011

2011 Treasure Valley Mustang and Ford Car Show

With a bit of a break in the Autocross schedule I need to keep my self occupied and what better way than to find my way to some local car shows.  So this last Saturday I took a drive out to the Lakeview Park in Nampa for the 2011 Treasure Valley Mustang and Ford Club Car Show.

Now I'm not a big Mustang or even Ford fan so you're probably thinking why even bother.  Well any chance to get in some photography is a good thing.  That and the roommate's father is a member so I knew about it and I was bored so yeah it just seemed like a thing to do.

Plus the last time I went there was a pretty decent turn out of imports as well.  Not this year though, and unlike previous years they were all spread out.  There wasn't even a Ford GT like the previous year either.  I was bummed but what can you do.  I did run into a fellow Autocrosser who brought his cool looking Ford Econoline Pick-up.  Complete with Pussy Wagon keychain.

IMG_9744As far as Mustangs go there was some cool stuff like the new Boss 302 and the local Ford dealership had a new Shelby GT500 there as well.  It could be yours for a cool $57k.   However, a lot of what was out there I've seen before at previous years.

I ran the gauntlet of cars taking my pictures and people watching.  It's always interesting to do that sometimes more than looking at the cars.  Especially when you're not especially interested in the cars at the show.  I noticed a gaggle of "gang-bangers" scoping out the one military vehicle there, but they weren't interested in the vehicle just the Browning Ma-Deuce.  Add in the various people who think they know what they are talking about but are so far off that even some one with a little bit of knowledge would know they were full of it. 

IMG_9694Unfortunately mother nature was still acting up and the day was filled with an overcast sky.  I was lucky that I went early enough to miss out on the rain that soon started to fall. I finished editing the pictures that I took this morning and uploaded them to flickr and you can check out the set here -- Mustang and Ford Car Show.

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