Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Autocross: June 5, 2011

It's been a while it seems since we've had  an Autocross blog post and it's going to be much longer until the next one as there won't be another one until late into July.  So get your Autocross fix now because it's going to be a while until the next one.  This last event was round 9 and 10 for the 2011 season and like most events I was out there on Sunday for round 10 at the Dealer Auto Auction site for another exciting autocross event.

Unlike the last event I was at this event was on a nice day with a cool breeze and no freaking rain.  What a change.  Thanks to a lot of sunscreen it wasn't a bad day at all to spend out there for most of the day.  That also means a lot of videos and pictures.  You can find the pictures on flickr by checking out this set -- Autocross June 5, 2011.

As for the videos you can find them in the normal place on my YouTube Channel.  It already looks like I'm on pace to go over 2000 videos this year as well.  And don't forget if you see that your videos are gone from past years you should check out this page -- BUY NOW -- to purchase them and upload the old videos to your own favorite video site. 

Mazda RX7Since it was a nice day out for Autocross several new cars showed up to this event like a LSwhatever powered Mazda RX7, a new little and I do mean little Lotus Elise series 1 and an extra few Lancer EVOs and Miatas that haven't been out before all tossed into the regular autocrossing crew which made for a day filled with some 70 odd drivers for Sunday's event.

Thanks to the autocross being held out at the DAA site it added an additional cool thing this event.  Next door is the Nampa Municipal Airport and a few of the WWII fighter planes that call it home were taking off and landing during the autocross event and I took the opportunity to snap some shots of the action.  You can check those pictures out here if you'd like.  Flickr set -- WWII Fighter Birds 

Lotus Elise This event's course was an interesting fast paced slalom heavy number that included a fast sweeper that saw some cars hitting 50+mph which some people probably don't see as fast but from an autocross stand point that is pretty dang fast.  There also wasn't much in the way of cone carnage either or even a lot of crazy driving.  Even the drifting S10 has seemed to calm down a fair deal and kept the truck for the most part moving straight instead of side ways.  You can see how everyone did by checking out the official times on the SRRSCCA site -- Sunday's Final Results

Here's a teaser video of the event

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