Tuesday, June 14, 2011

RAUH-Welt at Idlers Games 2011

There is one thing every RAUH-Welt fan should look forward to and that's the Idlers Games a place where cars of various types gather to race in a more relaxed atmosphere than what you would normally find at other types of race series.  And while the groups are varied one thing you'll find plenty of at the Idlers Games are RAUH-Welt Begriff tuned Porsche 911 cars and that makes it a mecca for any RWB fan.  Thankfully with the rise in internet popularity of the RWB brand there were plenty of photographers on hand to snap some pictures and get some video at the latest Idlers Games event.

Unfortunately for me since I'm here in Idaho very very far away from the action I don't get to go and get my own content.  That doesn't mean I can't put my Google-fu to work and round up some awesome content from other sources on the Internet.  Form what I've already seen posted up I really think there had to be a pretty good number of press people out there.  I'm thinking maybe 4 racers to every 1 photographer so hopefully there will be a large amount of pictures and videos uploaded to the internet and in good quality sizes as well. 

While I'm most interested in the RAUH-Welt cars you can find plenty of other 911 cars from various other Porsche Tuner shops in Japan.  I've seen names like Sunburst, Promodet, Minerva, Challenge and UZI (the actual RWB UZI car was not looking all that healthy sporting some nasty battle scars stitched up with what seems like an entire stores worth of zip-ties from an earlier race) as well. Add in some what I call Plain Jane 911s for good measure.  However, Idlers isn't all about just Porsches though, with some 24 different race classes there is a large variety of machinery out there racing.  Literally something for everyone to like.

Idlersclub has posted the results for the race from June 12, 2011 and you can check that out here -- RESULTS.  The none linked ones are the preliminary rounds followed by Finals by class (middle section) and then Finals overall (bottom section).  It looks like the next round for the idlersclub will be a12hr enduro race on July 17th and I expect that there will still be

Of course what would a Japanese Race be without some Race Queens.   The Idlers Games has two of their own in the form of Ms. Misaki and Ms.Camellia.  One thing I'll say about the RQ's they need to get them some shoes that are the right size.  Seriously.

Now then how about I stop yapping and start showing you the goods.  I'll update it as I find more stuff as it usually takes a while for everything to find it's way to the internet.  In the mean time enjoy what I've been able to find so far.

Speedhunters -- Idlers Preview
Speedhunters -- Idlers Part 1
Speedhunters -- Idlers Part 2
TracktoStreet -- Idlers Part 1
TracktoStreet -- Idlers Part 2 (non RWB content)
Sekky911 -- Videos
Euro-R911 -- Pictures
Premium Days -- Write up and some pictures
Takuya Shirasaka -- Write up and pictures (did I find another RWB Owner to add?) Nope
Photozou -- Pictures
Porsche 911 -- Pictures
85 Carrera 3.2 Kai -- Pictures
Enjoy! Porsche 911 & the 930World -- Pictures
RAUH-Welt Begriff gallery  -- Pictures by Aaron Mai
JonSibal -- pictures and write up
Iheartstance -- Great Write up and pictures (small though)
Iheartstance -- Part 2 with video
Iheartstance -- Part 3 non RWB stuff
Dorf (RWB) -- Write up and Video
Exceed Moat -- write up and Pictures
Naoya S14 -- write up and Pictures
997 GT3 -- Write up and Videos
Greenday -- Write up and Pictures
A friend of Justice -- Write up and Pictures
Oka Oka -- Write up and Pictures
Another Blog -- Write up and Pictures

As always every picture that I've found has been uploaded to the RWBooru including the random pictures from Facebook that have not been posted on this blog.  So if you want to see all the pictures checking out the RWBooru it's worth a look. 
That's the stuff I've found so far for pictures here are some videos.  The most interesting I'm sure for most people was this trailer that popped up from Driftcolors. They uploaded the complete video on Friday. Check it out.

But I've also found a good number of videos on YouTube as well

While this is from the Exceed Moat S14 look at all those RWB cars in front of him.

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