Wednesday, June 29, 2011

RAUH-Welt Videos Galore

A facebook friend and avid RAUH-Welt Begriff fan like myself suggested on the RWB facebook page that they should upload all the Videos onto one channel.  Only problem with that is that there are actually a lot of videos out there and it would take some time to download and re-upload all those videos to one place, so I've gone and done the next best thing.

First of all I added all of the RAUH-Welt Begriff videos that I could find on YouTube to a Playlist and I'll try to keep that updated as I find more videos. As for the other videos that I've seen on Vimeo, Flickr and other sites (that aren't duplicates to others) I'll just include a smaller video link to them on here so that this can be a one stop shop for all manner of RAUH-Welt Begriff Videos.

First lets take a look at YouTube.  You can find the Playlist for YouTube here -- RAUH-Welt Begriff Playlist.  Now that I'm thinking about it I may just split the playlist in two.  One for the normal videos and one for just the in-car camera videos.  Why?  Well this one playlist already has 109 videos and is over 5hrs long.  I think that is a good enough reason to split it, don't you.  So I'm going to work on that but I'll leave it up as it is for now.  I also wish I could sort the videos but you can't do that.

Now onto the rest of the videos not on YouTube.  Vimeo is a nicer video place and this is where you'll find some higher quality videos for sure, the only problem is there are only two of them, not any more.

Just recently added is the new video out of Bangkok for the making of the first RWB in Thailand check it out and enjoy it's awesomeness.

Luke Huxham and Aaron Mai formed Maiham Media and have been working on a few more RWB videos the first of which is an interview of Nakai-san for Fatlace TV.  Check it out.

Maiham Media is back again with a video for the Good Hills Speed car one of my all time favorite RWB cars that includes a interview with it's owner Shinji Yoshioka.

Here is the video by Luke Huxham from this last Idlers Games event.

Raw Video of the DORF car from Luke's video

Followed up by this shop tour from earlier in the year.

Why he never uploaded his other video (that is living on flickr) to Vimeo as well I'll never know but here it is.

An older video that surfaced some time ago was one of the videos from Japan the pitted the cars of the Manga/Anime/Video Game series Wangan Midnight against each other.  In that video they used an older 930 Turbo RWB car. You can't embed the videos and the video quality is shit but here are all seven parts.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Facebook Videos --
7Tune uploaded a RWB Drag Race on Facebook.  Check it out -- RWB Stand Off  If they upload it to youtube or something else I'll change the link. It's been changed finally. Enjoy it now in HD.

And that is what I have so far for RAUH-Welt Begriff Videos.  When I find more I'll add them and if you know of any that have not been already included please don't hesitate to send a link my way so that I can share them with everyone else.

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