Friday, June 3, 2011

Rough Rhythm

Many RWB fans will be familiar with the Signal Green RWB964 owned by Ichiraku Toshi that has graced the cover of Eurotuner magazine and has been an excellent example of what has come out of the little Porsche tuner shop in the Chiba prefecture known as RAUH-Welt Begriff.  However, like all good things some times you just need to replace the old with something new and improved.  It didn't take long before the Signal Green RWB993R, known as Rough Rhythm, was introduced to the world.

Rough Rhythm is Ichiraku Toshi's second RWB car and his 15th Porsche to-date so he definitely knows what he wants in a race car, his latest green machine is no different.  The car started out life as a mild mannered black and blue 1997 993 Carrera S.  It was purchased with an already installed roll cage, GT spoiler with Banana wing and other slight racing mods done to the car.  The 993 went under the knife in early April and was fitted with the new super wide-body kit that was featured on Nakai-san's personal RWB993R the Royal Montegobay.  Once the kit was fitted and the large RWB cut out of the rear spoiler (a $900 option) done the car was ready for paint. RAUH-Welt fans were super excited to see what was going to come out of the paint booth.

It was no surprise of course that the car was going to be the same Signal Green color as his RWB964.  But was the car going to have the same black Carrera RS (RWB) stripes down the side as well? Or the same Gold colored rims as the RWB964, or was it going to be different?  Also there were questions as to whether or not it was going to get a name this time around.  Once the paint was finished it was time for the finishing touches.

In addition to the front fender canards the Rough Rhythm was fitted with the new side skirt canards as well.  This was a new addition to Nakai-san's arsenal of body mods and was also added lately to his own RWB993R.  The car also received a silver RAUH-Welt Sunshade vinyl and of course the name Rough Rhythm stenciled onto the side skirts of the car.

Rough Rhythm was completed in late May with the car's official debut at the Charity Circuit Run where every one got a good look at the new RWB993R called Rough Rhythm.  The name is two parts; Rough for Nakai-san's trade mark rough styling and Rhythm because in life everything needs some rhythm. With some digging around I found of some specs for the car as well.

Rough Rhythm STATS:
Year:  1997
Model:  Carrera S
Type:  RWB993R
Engine:  3.6L VarioRam -- RWB "Tunerhaus" ECU
HP:  310ps (306hp)
Suspension: Bilstein adjustable dampers
Brakes: Porsche Calipers with updated pads and slotted rotors
Rims: SSR SP1 Professor
Tires Rear: 335/30/18 SSR13J
Tires Front: 265/35/18 SSR10.5J
Mods: Roll Cage, Diamond plate floorboards, ARTA Racing Carbon Fiber Seat, Custom Headers, Custom Muffler and Takata seat belts
Rear Track length: 208cm or 6'8"
Front Track Lenght: 148cm or 4'9"

Thanks to Japan's Typhoon season Ichiraku Toshi hasn't been able to take the Rough Rhythm out the the favored track of RWB to give the car a proper shakedown test and to see what the car's capabilities are just yet.  Hopefully soon the Rough Rhythm will be able to head out to the Tsukuba Circuit once again and be able to set a quick pace.

Rough Rhythm is actually the third RWB993R built so far.  The fist of course is the Royal Montegobay while the second RWB993R is a Matte Black version called Oba Bone (will have to find out if it has a space or if it's one word though) and with all three of them together they are an impressive sight to behold.  It looks like 7Tune will be doing a feature on Rough Rhythm soon so be on the look out for more pictures and hopefully some videos of this mean green machine. So you'll have to visit their site to check that out.  I know I will be.

If you would like to see more pictures of the awesome RWB993R Rough Rhythm, or any other RAUH-Welt car for that matter, check out the RWBooru under the Tag Rough Rhythm.

UPDATE --  7Tune posted their own and much better write up for Rough Rhythm with some fascinating facts some killer pictures and more details but still no videos.  Oh and if that's not enough here's Part 2.  Go check it out.

I've been waiting for video of this car to surface so that we can see it in motion and hear it's growl but that hasn't been the case up until this morning when a simple walk around video was posted on YouTube.  Check out the Rough Rhythm in HD video.  Hopefully we'll get one with soundtrack provided by the engine.

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