Monday, July 11, 2011

2011 Northwest Motorfest

Hit up the annual Northwest Motorfest early in the morning on Saturday this last weekend.  Walked around took some pictures and thanks to a pair of Porsche 911 cars I did actually enjoy myself.  Billed as the biggest car show in Idaho the Northwest Motorfest is held on the grass at Expo Idaho and it was a bright and sunny morning for some good photos.

As it is with most car shows in Idaho this was another Muscle Car and Hotrod car show but thankfully anyone and everyone is welcome to attend so a good smattering of other interesting cars show up so that it actually makes it interesting for those of us who are not into the whole Vintage Muscle cars and hotrod scene.

Porsche 911I was out and about taking pictures early in the morning to beat the heat and you can check out the entire flickr album with all the pictures here -- 2011 Northwest Motorfest.  I haven't labled and tagged everything just yet so if you know what some of the Hotrods are that I haven't labeled feel free to help out and tell me what they are.   

While I'm not a big fan of the Muscle Car and Hotrod scene I did enjoy some of the other stuff that showed up.  In particular the two Porsche 911 cars that have been out at autocross this year the Blue 911 and the Yellow 911 Turbo.  I got a quick moment to chat with the driver of the Blue 911 but was unable to talk to the driver of the Yellow one.

Suzuki Sidekick hotrodBut it just wasn't just the 911s that I liked either.  There was a HUGE Mercedes Unimog quadcab truck there with a little itty bitty BMW Isetta next to it.  I thought that was pretty interesting for sure.   Another odd but interesting mash-up that I saw there was the Suzuki Sidekick turned into a Hotrod.

What wasn't interesting though was the number of people there who had their cars for sale.  That's one of the many annoying things I don't like about the car shows in Idaho.  FOR SALE signs.  Really people I don't care if your car is for sale don't freaking stick FOR SALE signs all over them.  It's really really lame and distracts from the look of the car.  Not to mention that it makes the picture of your car suck even more. 

Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0I was surprised to see that there wasn't a rock crawling setup at this year's event like in previous years.  The still had the whole shot drag race thing but that's pretty boring so didn't check it out, nor did I check out the cage of doom since those bore me as well.  But holy hell did I ever get hungry walking around with all the smells of food going around from all the vendors. Thankfully by that time I was done taking pictures and headed out to the parking lot to see if I could find anything cool out there as well.  I found another two Porsche 911s to take pictures of and an OK looking 350Z.  Ended the day taking a picture of my car and headed home, stopping to get a slushie on the way.

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