Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Favorite Carrera -- Itasha

It's no secret that one of my favorite manga series is a Porsche themed story about a lady and her 911 Carrera RS called My Favorite Carrera also known as Kanojo no Carrera (彼女のカレラ) and I have blogged about the manga series on my anime themed blog before.  You can read about that here -- My Favorite Carrera.  Normally I wouldn't mix the two blogs but when the Idlers Games 12h+9min enduro race rolled around I couldn't help myself when an Itasha BMW decked out in Kanojo no Carrera vinyls made it's appearance.

I came for the RWB awesomeness of the Idlers Games and I end up with some My Favorite Carrera goodness as well.  Awesome!  I'll leave the RWB stuff until next time, I just wanted to show off the BMW team that made my day by wrapping their car in vinyls for one of my favorite Mangas as they battled it out at the Twin Rings Motegi during the hot summer day of the 12hr+9min endurance race for the Idlers Games. 

The BMW was wrapped by one of the best vinyl companies, in my opinion, from Japan YMG1 who has also wrapped several Super GT cars including the current GSR BMW Z4.  The car underneath the wonderful  Itasha wrapping is a BMW 318is and was crewed by a team from Sunrise Blvd.  By the end of the race the team managed to fight their way to a 20th postion finish.  Not to shabby.  I'm still waiting for the official results from the Idlers webpage but they haven't released them yet.

While I honestly think it's just a bit odd that a BMW would be rocking an Itasha theme for a very Porsche centric manga,  I still think it's pretty damn cool to see it out there battling it out with my favorite team from RAUH-Welt Begriff.  They'll get their own blog feature about their battles at the enduro race later in the week.  Until then check out some videos and pictures of the "My Favorite Carrera" Itasha'd BMW.

Some Picture and info links
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And now for some videos.  I haven't found any of it racing but two of it getting wrapped and a pit video.

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