Monday, July 18, 2011

NocternoX -- July 16, 2011

Remember how I said at the beginning of the autocross season that I wasn't going to attend the NocternoX events due to work and other commitments that I was involved with?  Well guess what, thanks to my roommate telling me that I had to be there to film one of the members getting an award at this week's event during the driver's meeting I ended up attending the now only NocternoX of the season (more on that later) at least until I had to leave for my friend's birthday party.  Little did I know what was to come.   

I showed up a little early to grab some pictures of the cars in the parking lot as everyone was getting ready to race and so I could get ready to film the award presentation.  The trophy that the Snake River Region won at the Winnimuca Challenge was there as well so people could check that out.  Then it was time for the Driver's Meeting and for Carl to get his Lifetime Volunteering Award Jacket.  Only problem with me filming it was that at first the battery was dead on the camera... FFFFUUUUUU.  Got that changed and FFFFUUUUU again as I started recording Carl getting his jacket for his Volunteer work only to get a read/write error on the memory card.

Honda S2000
Yeah that was going so well. So I set the video camera down to pick up the DSLR and snap some pictures.  By that time though they were finished giving Carl the jacket.  Thankfully they were still talking about Volunteering work and what not and started to present another award this time a plaque called the "Carl Somerton Annual Volunteer Award" and it then dawned on me that they were talking about me.  Yup I got tricked just like Carl into coming to the event to get an award.  Nice, Thanks!  And sorry for not getting Carl on Film or in pictures.  Even the ladies busted out some delicious goodies to gobble up in celebration of the trophy and the awards. 

Lotus EliseNow I should get to talking about the actual racing.  This event was the first time the new wireless timing system was setup and it worked flawlessly during the test and tune and other than a dead battery and some human errors during the NocternoX event there wasn't any major delays or problems with it.  The timing curse is over finally.  I'm sure a lot of people are going to be very happy and a lot less grumpy at the end of events now.

Mazda MiataThe track was awesome and had some very interesting finishes for sure.  The track was set up as a Out and Back track The first half of the event the track would be run one way and during the lunch break the start and finish lines would be swapped around for the second half of the event.  At the end the drivers' best time  from both directions would be added up and that would be their official end results.  I think it was a great setup.

I wasn't there for the second half but I heard it was a heck of a lot of fun but while I was there I did get some good pictures and videos.  You can check out the full set up pictures on flickr here -- NocternoX -- July 16, 2011. You can also check out the results of the race here -- NocternoX Results.

As for the videos I do believe I got at least one video of all the cars there and you can find them on my YouTube Channel like always. 

Here's a video from the event for you to enjoy while you're here.

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