Saturday, July 9, 2011

Porsche 911 Turbo S China Edition

Just when I thought Porsche was done releasing new 997 models of the Porsche 911 some time ago they pulled another one out of their hats for the 10th anniversary of Porsche's presence in China.  The latest and so far last 997 edition of the 911 is a very limited production run of some specially equipped 911 Turbo S models.

Officially called the Porsche 911 Turbo S China 10th Anniversary Edition (Turbo S China for short) the latest car will only be offered at dealers located in China and seeing as it's the 10th anniversary there are only 10 of these examples to be had.  For the princely sum of $537,000 for a total of $5.37mm just a little more than a $1mm less than the total sum of all 36 versions of the 997 model line.  That's right with this car there are 36 different 997 based versions of the 911 with a grand total price for them coming in at $6, 530,011.  And they'll probably toss another one at us right before the end when the new 991 is available to purchase.

So what do you get for your half a million dollar plus 911 Turbo S?  You get a one off Gold colored paint scheme inside and out with various bits of kit done in Carbon Fiber inside and out.  Those awful new Fuchs rims from the Sport Classic 911 (yeah that's right you loose the center lock Turbos for ugly ass rims) a PDK only transmission attached to the regular ol' 3.8L flat six.  No engine or performance enhancements here.  On the inside there is more Carbon Fiber and Alacantara surrounding you as you gaze at some special stitching and a few extra badges to tell you what car you have. 

I both like this car and hate this car.  Yeah for more Porsche goodness but really half a million dollars for a paint job, some lame ass rims and the opportunity to own 1 of 10 cars.  That sucks but you and I both know that they are more than likely all already sold.

Porsche didn't do a video for this car either.  I did find one picture of the car I did like though.  The one where you can't seem the awful rims, LOL.

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