Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Porsche Returns to LeMans in 2014

Oh yeah Porsche has announced that it will return to the top tear of racing.  In 2014 Porsche will be entering an all new LMP1 class car at LeMans.  As a Porsche fan who has loved and followed their racing career I can't help but to be excited to see a new Porsche LMP1 car running at LeMans.  But damn 2014 us sooooo far away.

Porsche's first win at LeMans came in 1970 with the iconic 917 and it's last win in the LMP1 class came in 1998 with the 996 based GT1.  When Porsche returns to LeMans in 2014 they will be looking to claim their 17th outright victory with the new car.

The new car will in all likely hood be another notch in their green racing team and if the 2014 regulations allow it (more than likely it will at this point) the new race car will feature Porsche's KERS hybrid technology to compete with the clean diesel technology of Audi and Peugoet in the LMP1 class.

Audi's statement on Porsche's Le Mans return: "This is the decision of Porsche company, a decision in which Audi is not involved. Audi relishes the prospect of every strong new opponent at Le Mans and in the new FIA World Endurance Championship. Porsche’s entry into the LMP1 class is evidence of the high level of attraction of sport prototypes."

Check out the video announcement

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