Wednesday, July 6, 2011

RAUH-Welt Featured in Super Street

Thanks to Facebook I found out that RAUH-Welt Begriff was going to have a feature in the August 2011 issue of Super Street (explains the Super Street vinyls on "Tunerhaus" at the latest Idlers Game).  The issue came out on Tuesday and I was able to find it at Wally World this morning.

I wanted to check it out before purchasing it because as much as I love RAUH-Welt Begriff money is tight right now and I didn't feel like spending money on something I've already read or looked at before (another Excellence experience).  I ended up reading the entire article in the store but that wasn't entirely difficult given that the article was actually pretty short.  But thankfully it wasn't something that I've read a million times before.  Sure it had some stuff that I've heard before but it was told in another refreshing way so it wasn't a boring read at all.  And that's a very good thing.

The pictures.  Well actually if you just want the pictures you can head on over to the photographer's flickr account as they are almost all there for you to enjoy as well.  While I'm so over HDR they are some nice pictures.  I just wish they weren't all HDR overkill.  You can even check out some behind the scenes pictures on his blog as well.  There are a few pictures in the article that are not on the flickr account and of course one of those pictures has to be of one of my favorite cars the White ducktailed 964 with Red RWB RS strips.  Dammit!  The RWB cars that were featured in the article were the RWB930 Master Piece, Stella Artois and the RWB964 Front Row (Formally known as [Front Row and Penthouse). 

There was something in this article that all the other ones have neglected and that's the car's Stats which were given for Master Piece and Stella Artois.  Finally!  All though I highly doubt all my ranting about other magazine articles lacking this feature had anything to do with that.  All in all even though it was only four pages of RAUH-Welt Begriff goodness it was indeed some goodness.

While digging around YouTube the other day I happened upon three new RWB videos that look like they were taken at about the same time as the pictures for this article were taken as all three of the cars featured in the article are in the videos.

What's really great about that is one of the videos includes one of my favorite cars the White with Red RWB RS strips 964.

Here is the new and improved Front Row car

Last but not least the Master Piece car

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