Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RAUH-Welt @ Idler's 12hr+9min Enduro Race

I've been sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting for official results of the Idlers Games 12hr+9min Endurance Race before I posted up what I thought about the race but so far there just hasn't been anything released. So I think I'll just have to trudge on now and come back after I get some official results. I was actually surprised at how little news and information has been released to date for the RWB Crew considering how much stuff came out at the last Idler's Games event. In any case this is my take on one hell of a day of racing.

There were 100 cars entered into the race and RAUH-Welt entered 4 cars to compete against the other 96 cars.  We have already seen two of the cars taken there by RWB the RWB993R Tunerhaus and the RWB964 Wingless that was just recently featured on Speedhunters.  The other two cars were new military themed RWB993R models that made their debuts at the Endurance Race.

Here are the cars' racing stats:  [UPDATE] -- Race Results Posted

Car #90 -- Wingless (RWB964) Finished -- 51
Car #93 -- Afromania (RWB993R) Finished -- 39
Car #96 -- Amazonian (RWB993R) Finished -- 38
Car #99 -- Tunerhaus (RWB993R) Finished -- 41

The Endurance Race started at 8am on July 17th and finished at 8:09pm that night.  It was a hot (40C or 104F) and humid day during the race and I'm sure out in the hot cars on the hot track it felt closer to what one would call hell. While all 4 RWB cars finished the race there were some issues.  The Amazonian lost some of its rear tail light assembly and the Wingless car suffered brake issues.  The Tunerhaus lost 6th gear and Afromania also had transmission issues as well.  When Nakai-san wasn't busy driving the Tunerhaus he was busy working on keeping the cars out on the track.

Gary Mannion who is responsible for Tuning the ECU's for RAUH-Welt was driving and taking pictures.  And Jonsibal was lucky enough to get those picture exclusives and published a blog post with some 100+ pictures.  You can check that out here --JONSIBAL

Also along for pictures was Adam Zillin from 7tune who published a blog about the grid so far and will hopefully have another one out on the actual race soon (probably waiting for results as well).  You can read his post here --7TUNE

[UPDATE] -- I published this post a while ago but never really got around to sharing it because I didn't have the results from the race and I didn't feel like it was complete.  However, it wasn't until a little note came to me from Shinji Yoshioka, the owner of the Good Hills Speed RWB Machine and long time friend of Nakai-san, that helped explain why the results weren't published sooner and why I shouldn't have been worried about it.   For the participants of the Idlers Enduro the race wasn't really a race but more of a festival and a way for friends to go out and have a good time with each other while burning fuel and destroying tires.  He told me that the people were not interested in the results so much as they were there to have a good time. Thanks to that little note it did give me a better understanding about the race that I didn't have before.

I dug around YouTube and the various Japanese blog sites looking for other posts from the event concerning the RWB cars and while I've only so far found one video with the RWB cars in it I did find a few other blog posts.

Random Blog 1 
Random Blog 2
Random Blog 3
Narrow911 1
Narrow911 2
Narrow911 3
Narrow911 4
Narrow911 5
Narrow911 6
Premium Days
Channel 9

And the only video I've seen so far that has the RWB cars in it is this one. The RWB cars are at 1:02, 2:26 and 3:09

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