Thursday, August 18, 2011

2011 af imp Super Carnival

Normally I wouldn't really be covering a Japanese Car show for Euro Imports but then something happened to change my mind.  RAUH-Welt Begriff took a few cars to the show so that got me interested and while I came to droll over the RWB cars I have to admit that I did like a lot of the other Euro Import cars that were at the show as well.  Might have to pay a little more attention to that scene too.

I heard about the af imp Super Carnival on facebook from Toshi-san who said he was taking his Rough Rhythm 993R to the car show and I was interested in checking it out but knew I'd have to wait a while to find content to look at and the wait is over as there has been an af imp Super Carnival overload (more like an explosion) in content.  Just looking around Minkara produced tons of amazing links and I haven't even started looking on the other Japanese blog sites for content either. 

As I was mostly interested in the RWB cars lets start there.  RAUH-Welt Begriff took four cars and set up a tent right smack dab in the middle of things.  The cars they brought were a pair of the new 993Rs Toshi-san's Rough Rhythm and the new new Afromania which is the stunning Matte Titanium Metallic 993R with fender wings.  They also brought the wine red metallic (I called it burgundy) colored 930 Whale Tail car which was now rocking some satin finish silver SSR Professors instead of the old chrome rims it had before.  Still looks stunning and still for sale at DP Challenge if you're interested in owning it.

The last car they brought (but not the last one that I saw there) was Toshi-san's old RWB tuned Volkswagen Polo that was rocking some yellow tinted headlights and some new gold rims that I can't make out what they are but I thought it was looking good getting rid of the stretched tire look it had before.  I don't know the rest of the story about the Polo though.  The very last RWB car that I saw there was a red BMW 3 series and I only say one picture of it so don't know what type of 3 series it was.  I uploaded all of the RWB content that I've found so far to the RWBooru site and you can find it following this tag -->  af_imp

Now than for the rest of the show.  There wasn't an Import brand from Europe that wasn't at this show.  Filled mostly with VAG products there were also Italian Supercars, British Touring cars and of course other assorted German autobahn cruisers.  As there were a lot of Volkswagens I am glad to report that I only did see a couple of  hipster I mean cars with roof racks complete with bikes.  Funny actually as a couple pictures that I saw with bikes on roof racks included a couple with a blow up doll on the bikes.  That was pretty funny and I'm glad the trend of bikes on roof racks on cars at car shows hasn't caught on in Japan.  It's refreshing.

One car that I didn't like was the plaid wrapped VW Scirocco with plaid rims.  While the rims looked unique and interesting however it was the wrapped plaid body that looked awful and not very well done.  If the car only had the plaid rims it would have been better.  That's my opinion anyway.  Thankfully there were more than enough cars out there that definitely out shined the few bad apples.  I loved the VW Truck with the velocity stacks but have to wonder how they did that considering the intake on the VW engines are on the back side of the engine.  I would really like to see the build on that little truck. Actually after taking another look at it it looks like a Honda engine

Now what would this post be with out some glorious links to a epic ton of pictures from the event oh and some videos too.  So how about some links

Delite design werks
Hyper Forged
DC 601
OK now it's time for a ton of Minkara album links.  Look for the mini albums that say afimp or impスーパーカーニバル as some links will have other mini albums in the same album.  But for now (time of blog post) they should all be on that first page.
New Beetle
A self taught car
Minkara 1
G! Challenge Stradale
Xplosion! 06R
DJ Samuson44
Minkara 2
Minkara 3
Minkara 4
Minkara 5
C25 Serena
Kawaguchi Base
Way of Life
Minkara 6
Minkara 7
Minkara 8
Tori Bosi
Chichan with Chocolat & Candy
Welcome to Euro Unite
Don't Think. Feel!
Midnight Black
Minkara 9
With GTi
Minkara 10
US Style
Minkara 11
Minkara 12
Live in Stratosphere
E91 Life
Minkara 13
R36 Car Life + Photograph=
BNYT Individual
Minkara 14
Minkara 15
Maiko Car Life Blog
Minkara 16
Minkara 17
Minkara 18
Good Day with TT
Minkara 19

And that is the end of the picture links lets get to some videos from YouTube you can more videos at the YouTube link. 

Part 1 RWB rolls in at 2:45

Part2 no RWB in this one

Part 3 RWB rolls in at 2:30

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