Monday, August 8, 2011

2011 Import Revolution 208

It's August in Idaho and it's hot as hell outside and as a red head it takes a lot to get me out of an air conditioned house to brave the heat of the day and that something is car related.  This past weekend it was a car show that I've been looking forward to since people on Idaho Motorsports started talking about the idea.  Import Revolutionv 208 aka IR208 was formulated, put into action and finally on August 6, 2011 the Boise, ID area finally had another Import Car show.  About damn time, and worth braving the heat of the August sun for.

Nissan 350ZThe last Import Car Show in the Boise area was Shakotan Matsuri back in 2008 and the Import Car Scene has been wanting another Import specific car show to call their own for some time. It's just no one wanted to take up the mantle to get one going.  It's thanks to those people involved with Import Revolution who were able to set things in motion, make the phone calls and ultimately getting the show off the ground that deserve a round of applause, they did the hard work.

Now if they could have done it on a nice cool day and not in August I'd be a really happy camper.  However, as a photographer the heat was good in a way.  Mostly because it sent people running for the shade, which made it easy to get some good pictures of the cars sans a horde of people standing in front of them all the time.  You can check out the pictures that I took at the car show at this flickr set -->  IR208

BMW M3After a quick nap and lathering on a pound of sunscreen I was off to the show.  Arriving there I was greeted by a lone Lotus Elise in the parking lot adjacent to the event.  That was a good start to the event.  Also ment that some parking lot trolling was bound to happen.  You can see what I caught in the parking lot at this set on flickr --> IR208 PLT

Finished looking about in the parking lot I headed into the heart of the show.  And I was impressed.  It was a smaller car show than Shakotan Matsuri but I believe the quality had definitely improved from that show. Quality over quantity is a good thing.  I did a quick walk about visiting with friends taking some snaps and checking out what was there.  Before getting serious about taking some pictures of the interesting assortment of fine Import automobiles on display.

The folks from Utah brought up some nice rides including a Lexus IS350 that took home the Best of Show award.  The Eastern Idaho contingent of Idaho Motorsports came up as well and made a good showing with some tricked out rides.  It was of course the Boise area peeps that were out in force with some common and not so commonly seen cars from the valley.  I'm just glad I wasn't a judge and I was only there for pictures as  I would have had a hard time picking winners.  Thankfully the judging chore fell onto others to decide. and here are the winners.  Funny enough I didn't take pictures of the winning euro which was a VW Beetle that I've taken pictures of before so didn't even think to take pictures of it since it was hiding under a tent. 

Won Most Fast & Furious
Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged

Won Best of IMS
Mazda RX-7

Won Best Mazda

Won Best Mitsubishi
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8

Won Best Nissan/Infiniti
Nissan Silvia

Won Best of the Rest 
Pontiac Solstice

Won Best Subaru
Subaru Forester STi

Won both Best Wheels and Promoter's Choice
Toyota AE86

Won Best 2001 and Older
Toyota Corolla

Won Best Toyota
Toyota Supra Mk4

Won Best Female Build
VW Golf GTi

Won Peer's Choice
VW Golf GTi

Won Best Graphics
Subaru Impeza WRX

Best Honda (LOL can't believe no one noticed or said anything about missing this)
Honda S2000

And with that the first of hopefully many Import Revolution 208 Car Shows was successfully wrapped up for the year.  Big thumbs up to the crew of Import Revolution 208 for giving the Import Car fans a place to show off their cars with other like minded gear heads.  Big thumbs up to those from Utah, Eastern Idaho and every where else who made the trek up to Boise for the show.  See you all next year, hopefully. 

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