Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011 IMS Dyno Day

After the hot hot day at the Import Revolution Car Show and another long night at work it was time to head on down to Motor Mayhem for another day of local automotive shenanigans.  This time around it was an Idaho Motorsports organized dyno day.

The event was held at one of the few dyno equipped shops in the area  Motor Mayhem and was set to kick off at 8am.  I was there to film and take pictures of some dyno pulls, something I haven't done before and I figured I'd give it a shot and work on some photography skills and have some fun.  No, I didn't dyno the Jetta.

Honda S2000As I got off work just after 7am and the event was to start at 8am I was a bit early (even after stopping off for some breakfast noms at Carls' Jr) and was able to shoot the breeze with the owner of Motor Mayhem for a little bit and got a nice look at a work in progress Datsun 1600 convertible and his own Harley Davidson XR1200R, which I have to admit would be a Harley that I wouldn't mind owning myself.  Soon enough a few IMS members began rolling in getting ready for the day.

I got set up for video and pictures and got settled in for the day.  And Mr. Pugh set up is laptop to stream the event live for those who wanted to watch but were smart enough to stay home and not expose themselves to burnt gas fumes all day.  The event even had people watching from as far away as Germany.  I just wanted to work on some photography skills and figured I'd film it as well.  To be honest I'm still scratching my head about how to do a better job taking pictures like this because I don't know some times the pictures looked great and some times they looked weak.  I'd like to just blame it on the rims but that's taking the easy way out.  In any case you can check out the pictures at this flickr set -->  IMS Dyno Day

Toyota Supra Mk4I was actually surprised by a few of the results like the Lexus SC300 (total sleeper looking car but lots of power) and disappointed that they were not able to get some readings on a couple of the cars like the BMW E46 M3.  It did look nice trying though.  In total I believe there were at least 18 cars of which I only got video and or pictures of 15 of them before Mr Sandman caught up with me and told me it was time to call it a day. 

I can't believe I didn't notice that the camera ran out of memory in the middle of the Red SRT4's dyno pull though.  As he put down the highest numbers of the day with 530hp/472tq. I also missed the lowest numbers of the day as well which came courtesy of another E30 BMW with 98.72hp/136.37tq that showed up after I had left.  Both received an IMS hat for their efforts.

You can check out the videos, that include hp/tq figures, at the usual place on my YouTube Channel I'll have to figure a way for people to find them when they get buried by autocross videos later in the year.  In the mean time here are a couple of them.

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