Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Autocross: August 28, 2011

It's been a while since I've last been to an autocross event and it'll be a while before I'm at another one as I'll be missing the next two events for various reasons. The good thing is that there will be at least two more after that before the end of the season. So lets get back to this event, held out at the Dealer Auto Auction Site under the hot blasting August Sun for a full day of rubber burning good fun.

Did I mention that it was hot....yeah it was.  I was originally only planning to stay out there for half a day after looking at the weather report but thanks to the portable sun shade and an occasional cooler breeze it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be so I stayed out there almost until the very end. A lot of water was ingested and pored over the head as well.

Lotus Elise
Because of the heat there wasn't as huge a turn out of drivers as when it's cooler so it was mostly the die-hard hardcore racers out for this event.  And not a single P-car was there.  My inner Porschephile was disappointed but the racing goes on.  And on it went.  Two run groups, a fast course (not speed wise though) and a total of 9 runs per car with a working timing unit meant the day actually went by pretty fast.  Heck even the cone killing season was short and only a few cones were clobbered the entire day. 

Mazda3I managed to get 99 videos before I called it a day and they are uploaded to the normal place on my YouTube Channel while the pictures that I shot can be found on this flickr set -->  AutoX: Aug 28, 2011

You can find the results from both Saturday's event (looks like there were some new faces on Saturday and heard that it was a much nicer day as well) and Sunday's Event on the SRRSCCA site. As for me I'll be back for the next home event on Oct 9 at the Expo center.  Until then enjoy the videos and pictures

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