Saturday, August 20, 2011

FOS Sticker Ideas

Ever since I've started this blog I've thought about making some stickers for the blog but have always put it off thinking that I'd be the only one interested in them.  However, recently a few people have asked if I have stickers for the blog and the sticker idea that has been sitting on the back burner suddenly became relevant. Definitely couldn't hurt, especially when one of those people happens to own one of my favorite RAUH-Welt Begriff cars and said he'd rock one on the car at the next Idlers Games.

So I've been busy working away on Photoshop this week working up some samples and using different ideas and I have 7 samples to show off, well actually I could go with 8 and just use text as one,  I think that's pretty boring but it's an option.  Without further ado here are the Sticker ideas

With a change in address and Kanji I whipped up another batch of sticker ideas and here they are.

1. Back with the original design idea
Festival of Speed sticker idea

2. Tossing in a bit of Carbon Fiber look
Festival of Speed sticker idea

3. Black and white sakura bloom look
Festival of Speed Stiker idea

4. Same sakura bloom look different color combo
Festival of Speed sticker idea

5. Added a few more samples different colors
Festival of Speed Sticker Samples

6. Can you tell where I got this color combo from.
Festival of Speed Sticker Samples

7. More Carbon Fiber options
Festival of Speed Sticker Samples

8. Another Carbon Fiber sample
Festival of Speed Sticker Samples

9. Going back to the Sakura blooms
"Festival of Speed" Sticker  Speedmatsuri

10. Last one for now but I do like this one, and now we're back to 10 samples
"Festival of Speed" Sticker  Speedmatsuri

11. And added a little local Flavor with a Bronco themed logo
Festival of Speed Sticker Sample "Bronco Fever" edition
So what do you think?  Have any other suggestions? Don't like any of them?  My Kanji is all wrong?  Nothing is set in stone yet so I can change just about anything on any of them.  The size will be probably 7 inches long at the most.  Also the white space wont be printed so don't worry about that aspect of the sticker. You can voice your opinions below.

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