Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Porsche Zero to Anywhere Street Drive Event

While the Sun Valley Road Rally was taking place in Sun Valley, ID there was also a fun Porsche North America sponsored driving event taking place that weekend as well.  Lyle Pearson Porsche of Boise was helping to host the event.  Porsche North America brought out a hand full of their fleet vehicles to take people on a 45 minute drive to experience what it's like to drive a Porsche.  We didn't find this out until after we checked out the cars entered into the Sun Valley Road Rally and the roommate and I headed back up to the Porsche tent area and found out what was happening there.

If you remember I've already been at one Porsche Driving Event back in November when I drove a Porsche 911 C4S so I wasn't really thinking of signing up to do this one because we were going to be heading out to take pictures and video of the Road Rally.

Porsche 911 (997) C4S Cab and Cayman RWell it turns out that they were signing people up for various drive times including after the event so the roommate decided that he wanted to drive the Cayman R.  And since he signed up for that I decided that I might as well sign up for a car as well.  Hey might as well right.  And since the roommate signed up for the Cayman R and another person was already signed up for it as well I decided that I'd take another 911 C4S out as well.  This time it was a cabriolet version.  The one time I don't mind driving a convertible.

We signed up for the Panamera group (3pm drive time) and headed out to have fun at the Sun Valley Road Rally.  By the time the Road Rally was finished and we were back for our drive time I was all sorts of hot and we had to listen to the Porsche Pro-driver talk about the driving school and various things about the model line up that was on display for us to drive before we could get into the cars.

Porsche 911 (997) C4S CabUnlike the first event the cars did not come with a salesperson as there were two drivers per car so I met my co-driver settled into the car and after some adjusting of seats mirrors and dials we were ready to go.  I also found the A/C and turned that up to 11 and then I found the butt coolers and turned those on as well.  I have to admit that even with the top down the A/C still worked wonderfully well and the chilled seats were freaking awesome on the hot day.

The Porsche convoy headed out and I was the second in line behind the pro-driver so I didn't think I'd be able to have to much fun driving the car.  However, the pro-driver wasn't a slowpoke nor did he say anything the few times that we "fell behind" and had to play catch-up.  We drove up some  fun and interesting twisty roads for about 20 minutes or so before we had to stop and let the other person drive back. 

Awesome!I was done driving at that point and was having a good time.  The drive back was OK the co-driver liked talking to his girlfriend on the radio because he thought she was driving to slow.  I was a bit annoyed though that he left the PDK in 2nd gear for what I thought was way to long.  He should have been in 3rd at least until needing to down shift for some spirited driving.  He didn't get on it all that much either and complained about the PDK shift times and the sport exhaust note.  I thought it shifted as fast as claimed and the muffler sounded better so I guess it's fanboy vs skeptic. 

After the driveGot back safe and sound, said thanks to everyone for letting me drive another 911 again.  I asked my roommate what he thought of the Cayman R and how his drive went and I think the big ass grin on his face as he was getting out of the car said a lot.  I think we have another Porsche convert on our hands.  There was also a couple Panameras and a Cayenne there for people to drive.  I took some pictures of the event that you check out here -- Flickr Set.  Sorry no video.  The last time I did a driving even I got a Porsche mug, this time around I got a Porsche Lanyard and it didn't take long to ditch the old and boring key holder and change it out with the new Porsche hotness.

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