Saturday, August 27, 2011

RWB Global

Of course the first new post on the new blog should be about RAUH-Welt Begriff.

Remember the first time I mentioned that RAUH-Welt Begriff (RWB) was branching out from their little shop in the Chiba Prefecture back when they opened up their Facebook page and US website and there were rumblings about them opening other shops. Well it's starting to all come together with shops being built, parts being shipped and cars getting built along with future plans being made.

The new RWB shop hasn't been finished in Bangkok Thailand just yet (should be finished in Nov.) but one of the first two RWB Thailand cars has been finished and it's a white RWB993R rocking some bronze Work Brombacher rims. JONSIBAL wrote a blog about it's build.  The second car a 964 in white is taking a little longer as it's getting the smooth side treatment (no rivets on the over fenders) from the looks of the pictures.  I haven't seen a site up for RWB Thailand yet, but I'm sure it's in the works.

Check out this short teaser video of the Thailand RWB993R build

The second place to pop up already with a new project car is RWB UK.  I haven't really seen much about this project other than it will be another RWB993R car and Nakia-san will be in the UK in September to lay his hands upon the car himself.  You can follow it's progress on the build thread located here --> RWB UK

Now then onto the bigger bit of business RWB USA.  They found a partner in the USA and that partner is Fatlace.  And you can't imagine the uproar that followed on Facebook when people found out about it.  There has been a bit of bad attitude towards both being on the West Coast and for partnering with Fatlace but the overwhelming support for both RWB and Fatlace has far outweighed the negativity and like myself many people are just excited that they are here in the States at all.

The Grand Opening for RWB USA will be in October and will feature the first two RWB cars built in America.  From there RWB will be attending SEMA in early November.  Unfortunately I don't have any vacation time or the spending cash to attend either of those events myself, but if you do and are a fan of RWB I would highly suggest making the time to do so.

[UPDATE] -- facebook blew apart this last week when a simple post on a thread by 7Tune mentioned that the second RWB car being built in the states was owned by none other than Ken Block.  Well after a bit of rapid get the news out there now eagerness it has turned out that while the car will be a part of Ken Block's new Hoonigan brand the car is actually owned by Brian Scotto the man in charge of the Hoonigan Brand.  And there is also word that the third car will be another RWB993R built in Dallas and parts are being shipped there as I type.

When 7Tune re-posts their original announcement with the corrections I'll post that as I'm sure they'll have more information about the Hoonigan RWB.

It's looking like a very busy end of the year for RAUH-Welt Begriff and I can't wait to see how it all plays out.  Now I just need to win the lottery and get my own RWB :)

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