Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2011 Bogus Basin Bacchanalia

This last Saturday I took the ol' Jetta up Bogus Basin Road to watch some Porsche cars attack the road in the only official Porsche Club of America (PCA) hillcross.  The event, which also includes other festivities like a rally, dinners and a mystery event,  is held by the Silver Sage Region of the PCA annually (usually on Memorial Day weekend but weather caused it to be moved to early September this year) and is called the Bogus Basin Bacchanalia.

I decided this year that I would take a weekend off from Autocross and venture up to Bogus Basin Ski Resort and watch the hillcross on Saturday.  I wasn't entirely sure how the Jetta was going to do but other than getting passed by two Porsches the Jetta made it up and back down with out a hitch.

Porsche 911 (930) Turbo So with that out of the way I checked out the cars in attendance.  I was happy to see the Yellow 911 Turbo that came out one of autocross events this year and I asked him he was going to come back out this year but he said it wasn't likely.  Maybe next year.  Another familiar face was the white first gen 996 that also goes out to autocross.  Aside from that everyone was a fresh face to me even though thanks to the close net group of the Silver Sage group everyone was pretty familiar with each other and were more than happy to say hi to the new face in the crowd.  The rest of the Porsche cars were a mix of the mid-engines, front-engines and the 911s of various generations.  Oh and the one 356.

Porsche 911S I made the mistake in thinking that the event would be a lot like the typical autocross event and that all the cars would run in the morning and because of that I was only planning to attend the event in the morning since I did have to work that night.  But nope, one group of cars would run in the morning and the other group would run in the afternoon.  It's actually reasonable that way because it is hard to get workers for the corners up and down the hill and you just couldn't switch out drivers and workers like you can at autocross.  And with the cool Yellow 911 Turbo running in the afternoon well yeah I ended up sticking around for the entire event.

The morning event was pretty uneventful there were a handful of spin-outs and the 944S2 did a 360 near the top but no damage occurred to the cars and everyone made it up and down their 5 runs with little trouble.  I was enjoying the events as I watched the cars head up the hill.  I was stationed by the radar gun area and got see how fast the cars were making it up the hill.  It's interesting to see that most of the cars were very consistent with their speeds in the fast section.  For the morning session no one was able to go over 82mph.  But that's still screaming fast when you think about it.

Porsche 944S2 The afternoon session proved to be a bit different.  The speeds increased in the afternoon and the Yellow 911 Turbo was able to hit the fastest speed of the day with a 97mph.  However, it also proved to be a bit more car crunching as well. The same 944S2 that spun out at the top also spun out at the bottom but this time it wasn't so lucky to walk away with only a bit of burnt rubber.  From what I could tell the car spun hit the guardrail and probably something else as the oil coolers dumped their oil over the entire road surface shutting down the event for the day.  Thankfully the driver walked away from the incident from what I heard with no injuries. The incident occurred on the final run up the hill with only a few cars left to run so it was decided to call it a day and with that I was packed up and heading home.

Porsche 911 (996) Carrera I have to say it was a lot of fun watching the Porsche club racing up the hill in a wide variety of different cars and if you're in the area in time for next year's event it's worth checking out and the drive up and back is a lot of fun.  You can check out the pictures that I took on this flickr set -->  2011 BBB  

On the video side you can find all the videos on my YouTube Channel and once they get knocked off the front page just search for them using SSPCA or "Bogus Basin Bacchanalia" and you should be able to find them pretty easily.  There are 59 videos and they are all pretty short and I wish I had video editing software (windows movie doesn't work with mp4 files) so that I could just add them all together for one long video instead though.  In any case here's a few of them.

[UPDATE] -- We now have official results from the two day event -- RESULTS

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