Sunday, September 25, 2011

Project Jetta part 6

It's been a while since I've done a project Jetta post and I've only done a few things here and there.  Nothing to major.  Lets see what have I done to the Jetta since last time.  The biggest improvement was the front grill improvement.  Did some fun driving in the car and added a sticker or two and some other assorted junk.

The biggest and easiest improvement that I finished recently was refreshing the front grill.  I mended the crack and painted it completely flat black no more ugly pseudo chrome on the VW.  I like the way it looks now that is for sure.  And it only took me a couple days to complete the project.  While I was fixing the grill I also fixed the passenger side headlight and found out that while not as bad the driver side was bad as well.  I replaced the one I knew was bad and just mocked up the driver side so it wasn't as bad.  Driving at night now is a whole lot better though.

Project Jetta GLWhile I was out getting a new headlight I also got the car smogged for the first time and it passed with flying colors even better than the Lumina or my first Jetta so I was impressed by that.  I also picked up another Voltage Regulator to see if that would solve my windshield wiper issue but it didn't.  I can run it on high and interval but not at slow speed.  So I may just need to suck it up and get a new one instead of a good used one.  Or it may be something else entirely. 

Project Jetta GLAnother thing I found while repairing the grill was another extra set of wiring for what I can only assume is a battery charger and I'll be removing that piece of wiring junk here shortly, actually I'll probably go remove that after typing this up.  It's all these little things that really add up.  I also replaced one of the rear bad tires after it finally decided to not hold any air and I actually got a better rim out of the deal.  Still need to find some rings for the rims and I'll think about refinishing them then.

The last thing that I've done was add a Festival of Speed sticker to the car.  I mailed a good number of them off to Japan as soon as I got them and kept one for myself to put on the Jetta.  And I believe that is it for this Project Jetta update.  I have some more pictures of the car including the trip up Bogus Basin that I took for the Porsche Hillcross.

Project Jetta pictures


  1. we should drop a vr6 in it. then maby a turbo but keep it looking bone stock. nice little sleeper

  2. LOL I don't want my MKII to flip. Plus a 16v and small turbo is all you really need for the MKII.


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