Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rush Cup 3hr @ Suzuka

There are three racing series in Japan that I really enjoy following and two of them are heavy on the RAUH-Welt Begriff content.  The first is of course the Idler's Games and the second is the Rush Cup series which has a few less RWB cars but also has a larger mix of Porsche models to enjoy watching and looking at.  And if you're a fan of Race Queens hands down the Rush Cup RQ's are the best.  But lets get back to those RWB cars shall we.

For Toshi Ichiraku the owner of the now rather famous Rough Rhythm RWB993R car this was the first official racing event for the new car.  Toshi-san finished 3rd in his racing group which is pretty good consider he was about the only one running on street tires.  Toshi-san wasn't the only RWB car out there and there were a lot of other familiar RWB cars running.  There was the matte purple Bordeaux car and a nicely refreshed looking Natty Dread that was sporting some new fenders (from Sunburst) and a some what new paint scheme that once again features heavily Rock Star energy drink.  These two cars run for Team Mandy which I still haven't ever figured out what that is about but the team also includes the Blossom Joker car as well a couple others that didn't make this race.

A not often seen as a RWB car was the matte gray 996GT3 of Mineshima (it used to be a blue car and I believe the first RWB modded 996) also was present and accounted for.  The orange Sunburst/Eyre Peninsula car was also there as well as what I call the Akagishata/paw print car as it's the only one with a web address on the side of the car and has paw prints on the hood (representing wins I think?) were the only 964 model cars racing that day.  There was also the one white 911/930 model that features an older long nose style front end and to be honest I think it would be so much better looking if they ran it with just the ducktail and not the bolted on big wing.  But that's just my opinion.

The one RWB car that almost always makes an appearance at a Rush Cup event wasn't there.  The RWB993 (older non-megawide version) car that I call the Panda RWB, since it's a black and white colored car, had a "typical" Porsche racing incident and is down for repairs.  However, the driver was out there racing another RWB993 in blue this time to make up for it.  

That's it for the RWB cars (that I can recall) but there were some other awesome 911 cars from other tuners as well.  If ever there was a cool looking Sunburst car it was the widebody ducktail car and the other 911 long nose car rocking what look like some white Watanabe rims was killer.

If you're interested in results and can read Japanese Rush Cup already have the results of the race up --> RESULTS.   And it looks like the various RWB cars did pretty well in their respective classes but I'm sure most people are really looking for pictures and videos and I've collect a good assortment of both.

On a side note it is still hot as hell in Japan and while the day was mostly sunny close to the end of the event the sky opened up and drenched the end of the race from what I gathered from reading some the various blog postings.  

JONSIBAL -- another great write up from Jon
RUSH CUP -- Official pictures from Rush Cup (yes you can download them you just gotta figure it out)
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GSR Blog 3 -- and even more big pictures of cars
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Driver blog -- more video and write up.

Now lets check out some other videos.  RUSH CUP released their video the other day and there are a few others that are not included in the ones posted above.

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