Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2011 Idlers Games Rd2

I always look forward to the Idlers Games event ever since I found out about them and the cars that race there.  As a fan of RAUH-Welt Begriff there is almost nothing better than an Idlers Games event to bring a whole host of them out to run at the Tsukuba Circuit.  The latest round happened a couple weekends ago (on Sept 25th) and I was waiting for results and some super cool content to be rolled out before I did my own post.  The results are out but that super cool content is still a ways off so I'm going to do the blog and update it when that super cool content comes out.  And this round had an extra special meaning for me.

If you take a good look at that picture you'll see three stickers.  The one in the middle is mine.  Shinji the owner of the Good Hills Speed car and a friend asked about getting some stickers and after a bit of fretting about I got some made up and sent on their way to Japan.  And I was thrilled as all hell to see my sticker on the car at the race.  Now I just need to get myself to an actual event.  One step at a time.

Now back to the race.  Idlers Games as I've mentioned before is a lose net of racers in a wide variety of makes and models who compete against other drivers in the same class in short 10-12 lap heats.  While a vast majority of the cars at Idlers Games are Porsche models you'll find everything from Nissan Fairlady models to old school Austin Mini cars.  If you visit the Idlers Club website you'll see the full list of possible classes to run in.  However for me I'm mostly interested in the Porsche classes and the RWB cars that run in them.

This round had a pretty big turn out for the RWB boys as well. Some new cars that had recently been finished were out there, some regulars returned with some freshened up cars as well as all the other regulars as well.  Most notable and shocking for some RWB Fanboys was the new hot candy pink 993R called Yves Piaget (yes there are two of them).  Personally I thought it was cool looking.  And a quick google for Yves Piaget turns up a pretty spiffy beauty saloon so the name and color fits.  Nakai-san wasn't running Tunerhaus (still down with transmission problem?) and was instead running in the refreshed old Afromania car that got a new name and I believe the rear pumper from the old Amazonian car which is now the red Yves Piaget car.  At least that's what I think happened to those two cars.  Oh yeah and the name of the new Afromania car.... srugunsr.  Yeah I don't know what it means either.

Last but not least I have to mention Natty Dread.  Natty Dread was one of the first RWB cars that got any exposure internationally when it was featured on Speedhunters website many moons ago.  Well it rolled out to the Rush Cup and then Idlers Games with an updated look sporting some larger fenders, some extra painted trim pieces and rocking some big Rock Star Energy vinyls.  It was looking pretty bad ass. 

The best part about this race, besides my sticker, is that my friend Shinji took 1st place in his class.  Whoohoo.  And the other RWB boys didn't do to bad either.  You can check out the full race results here -- Idlers Games Rd 2.

Now lets get to some links and I got plenty as well as some videos.  I've also tagged a bunch of stuff on the RWBooru with an Idlers_Games tag since there was a lot of stuff posted on Facebook that I saved and uploaded. In any case here are the other links.

Hondas I believe
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Naigel Official Blog

Now for some videos

You'll see Shinji in this one, he comes in at a little before the minute mark coming up on the right

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