Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hellaflush X Japan

I was thinking that the Hellaflush X Japan car show was going to be a decent sized show that would showcase the Japanese take on cars doing the Hellaflush hardparking thing.   In all reality I probably would have only checked it out in passing since I'm not a big fan of that scene. I like my cars more function over form and hellaflush is all about the form.  However, I heard that some RWB friends were going to be heading to the event as well and that changed my mind about checking it out. 

I came for the RAUH-Welt Begriff cars and I stayed for some of the other cool cars that were present as well.  And I have to say after checking out all the pictures and videos I don't think there was a single segment of the Japanese Car Culture not present at the event.  I take that back, I didn't see any American brand cars or ratrods there.  Thankfully I think Japan has so far missed the boat on ratrods and hopefully it stays that way.  Now if we could just do away with the whole rusty body panels scene.  I so hate that scene it's not funny but to each their own I guess. 

Sticker-bombing was definitely out in force as well and while I do enjoy a good bit of sticker-bombing.  I like it like I like my Itasha cars (also had a small showing) tastefully done and in moderation.  The folks sticker-bombing small body panels like the front lip for example are, in my opinion, doing it right. However, doing large body panels including the entire hood is just a bit over kill.  Even more so when you're no longer using stickers but a vinyl sheet to make it look like sticker-bombing. That's just cheating.  While I was checking out sticker-bombing I had to laugh as it looks like pedobear stickers are making their presence known in the Japanese car culture.  Did pedobear just come full circle, do the Japanese even know what pedobear respresents?   

But now I'm just getting a head of myself complaining of stuff that I don't like.  Lets get back to the event it self before I get to carried away.  Hellaflush X is the first Hellaflush type event held in Japan and took place at Fuji Speedway with an impressive turn out that probably took up all the available space from the looks of it.  The event was held on Oct 1, 2011 and I have to say Fatlace did a great job with their first event in Japan and the event was a complete success as FSW staff noted that this was the biggest event held in that area of the track. 

Now for some good stuff.  You should know by now that I'm a RWB fanboy so I gravitated towards looking for those pictures first.  And I wasn't disappointed in the RWB turn out as Shinji and his, pretty famous now, Good Hills Speed 964 were there as well as Toshi's Rough Rhythm 993r.  In addition to those two famous RWB cars there where a pair of 930 models, the matte camo Master Piece and the matte gray Great Hurricane cars.  Also there were a pair of RWB964 ducktail models.  Which included another one of my favorite RWB cars the white with red accents ducktail car.  And yet I have a sad since I have yet to see a good picture of that car.  Fatlace provided an excellent picture for me, YA!  I've uploaded everything that I've found and tagged them with hellaflush_X for your convenience on the RWBooru. 

But I'm sure you're probably bored with me writing about the event and just want to see some dang pictures already.  Well I've amassed a pretty big list of links to picture albums and blog posts for you to check out.  I also updated the links so that they all open in a new new window for easier navigation.  I'm sure there is something for everyone in all the links, unless of course you only like "American" cars (knew there was something else not present at the show) or ratrods which there are none of.  Also if that's the case why are you even reading this blog? In any case enjoy all the links.  

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Now how about we check out some videos from Hellaflush X Japan.  The guys from RWB left early so I was afraid that there wouldn't be any videos of them at the event but luckily we get one video of Shinji leaving in the Good Hills Speed car.

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