Thursday, October 20, 2011

Love And Free Auto Festival 2011

Didn't see anything you liked at Hellaflush? Thought it was missing some exotic flair or a touch of the Japanese tuned American brands? Have a thing for Mexiflush hoppers and all things lowrider and Donk?  Well lucky you that's just about what the latest car show out of Japan is all about. Love and Free Auto Festival had probably the rest of the car tuning genres that weren't at hellaflush. There were some 600 cars and 120 Japanese tuner shops on a muddy field and the main reason why I checked it out is (if you couldn't already guess) because DP Challenge was there with a small sampling of RAUH-Welt Begriff cars. So once again I came for the RWB goodness and stayed for the I mean the other cars as well.

I'm sure it wasn't meant to be a muddy field but thanks to a night time shower the field where "LAF" was held turned into exactly that. Not a good thing for the smattering low to the ground exotics but damn commical for the big 4x4s that were sporting only slightly muddy tires only.  I'd have killed to whip around in a tricked out Subaru or EVO gotten it all muddy and parked it next to the clean offroaders.  Even the rock crawlers were clean.  And I imagine that definitely wasn't easy to keep them clean getting around the field.

Enough of the mud what about the cars.  Like I said what wasn't at Hellaflush was at LAF.  You had all the American cars (both old school and new school) that have been given that Japanese Tuner touch.  Lowriders  a much larger group of Boso style cars and bikes.  And then you had Lowriders complete with hydrolics and all that Lowrider culture as well.  Exotics lots of exotics including Liberty Walk LB Performance who brought out just about everything they had including those cute chibi car/quads that they make including a new Ferrari F40 shell.  Liberty Walk actually just got their own Facebook page recently as well were you can find some pictures of the event.  Heck even the event has their own Facebook page too.

I could easily go on about all the different types of vehicles that were there including the odd assortment of Limos and racecars as well as boats and stuff.  If it wasn't for the exotics and Japanese only cars you cold have easily mistaken this for a car show in the middle of heartland America which I think actually makes this pretty special to Japan.  I've been looking through pictures laughing at a lot of things that don't float my boat style wise (donks on Lexus SUV's really, really) but I'll just post all the picture links that I've found for the show and just let you pass your own judgement of the cars that were there.  I love one guy's blog who did a pretty good job of catching some of the lovely ladies that were sprinkled about the show as well.

And like always you can find the RWB specific pictures, which consist of Toshi-sans two green machines and the lovely "Burgundy" whaletail 930, that I've found uploaded to the RWBooru and you can find them with this tag -- LAF.  Don't forgot that Toshi-san's old 964 car and the "Burgundy" 930 are for sale from DP Challenge and so is apparently one of my favorite RWB cars, the white and red ducktail 964.  If the exchange rate wasn't so messed up at the moment those would be some good prices. For all the other pictures just follow the links below.

Following MJ
Hummer H2
Connect G.G
Random 01
Random 02
Car Style
Car Style 2
Self Control
Random 03
Black Lambo and Blacktown
Kurihara Tire Customz
Rosso Auto Parts
M Power
Sound Gaia
Random 04
Identity Crisis C.C.

And now for some moving pictures.  There aren't that many videos from this event though.

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