Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rennsport Reunion IV

If there was ever a Porsche event that you absolutely had to add to your bucket list attending the Rennsport Reunion would be it.  Basically it's a gathering of the past, present and future of Porsche Motorsports.  And these cars just don't sit around looking pretty.  Nope they take those million dollar babies out on the track come hell or concrete barrier and go racing.  And if you call yourself a Porsche fan than you have to make the trek to one of these events a must.  This years event was held at the Famous Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

Sadly going to the event myself hasn't happened yet so I have to sit here and look for pictures and videos of the event to enjoy it.  Thankfully SPEED TV will be broadcasting a segment on the event starting in November and hopefully I'll still have SPEED TV by then to catch it myself.  In the mean time a lot of videos have been posted on YouTube from the event as well.

This year marked the fourth outing of the event and it gathered some 300+  examples of Porsche's racing history and some of them once again hit the tarmac for a fun filled weekend of showing off and racing the famous corkscrew track.  Porsche also debuted the new 2012 Porsche 911 (991) model for the first time on American soil during the event.  This allowed people to get a first hand look and feel for the new model for the 911 line.  

And don't forget with the iconic racing cars there were also the famous and not so famous Porsche racing drivers as well milling about shaking hands, singing autographs and doing what they do best, racing Porsches.  It would be a great time to not only get to see the cars of your dreams but to meet those drivers who piloted those cars to many podium finishes.

All told I look forward to the day that I can write about my own experiences at a Rennsport Reunion but until then you'll just have to enjoy this collection of pictures and videos that I've seen floating about the internet.  Apparently I have some time before the next Rennsport Reunion as they are held once every three years.  So the next one will be 2014.

Teamspeed Event coverage
Teamspeed member coverage
Teamspeed track action
Speedhunters -- Gunnar G-93
Speedhunters -- 914-6 pickup
Speedhunters -- Rothmans' 961
Speedhunters -- Wheel hunting
Speedhunters -- Part 3
Speedhunters -- Part 2
Speedhunters -- Part 1
Motorwerks Media
Sportscar Digest -- Pictures and write up about the different race groups
Sean Klingelhoefer -- Pictures coming soon
The Garage Blog
flickr -- pics tagged with rennsport

That's good enough for pictures.  You can always find more but lets check out some videos and there are a good number of them on YouTube

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