Wednesday, October 5, 2011

VAD+RWB= Number One

Nakai-san has been globetrotting about the world spreading RAUH-Welt Begriff goodness in his wake. His latest stop was in United Kindom at the shop of Vogue Auto Design (VAD) where the first ever European RWB993R was built.  VAD is an aftermarket bespoke 3 piece wheel specialty shop that has been chosen to help expand the RWB brand into the European market.  Nakai-san stopped by in late September to help sort out the first car and to show VAD builders the RWB build philosophy.  The end result, one heck of a gorgeous RWB993R called Number One.

VAD chronicled the build process for Number One from step one up to the finished result and if you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a RWB build this is definitely a great thing.  The build started off with a low millage and pristine 993 C2 tiptronic model.  Once in VAD's hands it was stripped down and ready to undergo the transformation from stock Porsche to RWB greatness.

The old interior was stripped down and replaced with RS like Alcantara doorcards, dashboard and other interior parts.  The stock seats were replaced with full carbon back Porsche GT2 seats.  With the interior done VAD decided to replace the stock exhaust system with a new race inspired VAD built stainless steel exhaust and headers. And it sounds fantastic, you can checkout a clip of the exhaust note here -- EXHAUST.  With that finished the car was sent off to paint to receive it's new color called Grigio Telesto which if you're thinking it looks familiar your right.  It's the same color they used for VAD's awesome Bentley Mulliner GT and also it's Lamborghini's dark gray color.

VAD blog posts -- Stage 1 | Stage 2 | Stage 3 | RWB UK

With the car prepped for the final stage and the RWB aero parts finally out of customs and into paint themselves it was just a matter of time before Nakai-san and company would arrive.  With Nakai-san in house the car finally went under the knife to transform from a partially taken apart boring stock 993 into a gorgious superwide RWB993R model.

Even though this car is rocking the standard SSR Professor SP1s VAD is hard at work designing and building new rims for RWB cars that will get rid of the need for spacers.  If you now anything about RWB builds you know that the spacers they need to use for the cars are HUGE.  Removing those spacers will be removing a lot of unsprung weight from the car and as any good gear head knows less unsprung weight is always a good thing.

VAD blog posts -- Media Coverage | Stage 4 | Stage 5 | Aero styling

Nakai-san spent a good couple of days working in the shop creating another RWB masterpiece and with the work finished the car received it's name, Number One. It got that name because it's the first european RAUH-Welt Begriff car, and oddly enough I think it's also the first right hander as well.  And with everything wrapped up nicely Nakai-san was set to head off globetrotting again.  This time he is heading back to Thailand to finish the 964 model, more on that latter.  Before he took off though the guys introduced Number One to the public for the first time by taking it out to the Pistonheads Sunday Service to show off a little bit.  I've been able to find a few pictures from the event and you can find them along with a ton of other pictures of the Number One car on the RWBooru with the number_one tag.

[UPDATE] -- This is a worthy update Number One was just featured on go read it and enjoy the extra pictures. And then there is Stance Nation who just dropped their own write up about Number One as well.  

[UPDATE 2] -- It's been some time since this article was first published but since then Number One has had an interesting change.  Number One went under the knife at Strasse Porsche and had a 6 speed manual transmission installed to replace the tiptronic transmission.  You can also find the car for sale at Shawcraft Motors Ltd. with a price tag of $125,500 (that's at today's, June 21, 2012, exchange rate) and with the fluctuating prices on 993 models at the moment, and being in England, seems about right on the money.

Not only do we have a lot of pictures but VAD has uploaded several videos of the finished Number One car for your enjoyment as well.

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