Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Autocross: Oct. 30, 2011

Lotus Elise One
Well it's that time of the year.  Autocross is over and done with for the Snake River Region until some time in late March next year.  The last event weekend was held on the big lot at the Idaho Center and while the event was Saturday and Sunday once again I went along to film on Sunday.  This time I brought something new to play with myself.  Wait that didn't sound right.

I picked up a new camcorder (woot HD) and had got it just in time to take it the autocross to play with for the first time.  I also picked up a new tripod as well to replace the now 17 year old one.  Honestly though the buying one day playing with the next was a bad idea in hindsight.  The tripod didn't work out how I would have liked.  You can hear the clicking of the head sticking and not panning smoothly.  The camera handled it alright minus the annoying clicking sound.  It wasn't until I took it home and looked at the head again that I noticed the Allen head screw in the bottom of the head.  Loosened up the screw a bit and wow what an improvement.  Wish I had thought of that before the autocross though.   

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO The new camcorder I picked up isn't the latest and greatest but it is another Canon product and kind of a nice bonus for me is that the battery pack is the same as my DSLR as well.  Kinda handy to be able to share batteries and I'll be needing to get a few more as the Canon Vixia HFR10 likes to drain them pretty damn fast.  It does take some nice videos but they need to be edited as the red coloring on them is just a bit pinkish.  Which created a whole new headache for me in the uploading videos to my YouTube channel.  I now needed to do some editing and the whole rendering and uploading videos has taken on a whole new problem.  In fact I haven't finished uploading the videos I shot.  The pictures I finished so I figured I'd get the end of the year autocross event blog up and going and just finish uploading the videos when I can. You can find the pictures here -->  Autocross Oct. 30, 2001 on flickr

Chevy Cobalt SSSo yeah that was the new toy stuff for me what about the actual event.  Well there weren't that many people out there on Sunday with a total of 42 drivers.  There were some fresh faces and a couple returning faces as well.  I was hoping that the Nissan GT-R R35 that showed up to another event that I missed would make another appearance but it didn't.  Eric (the fast red miata) laid out yet another great fast and technical track that left a lot of people scratching their heads in the morning.  Once it was figured out it became a very fast and fun setup.  And while many end of year class results were already in the bad before this event there were still a few titles up in the air which made it interesting to watch as everyone was doing their best to win.  You can read the results of the two days events on the site but as for the end of year trophies I don't know about them just yet.  The results are here --> Oct 29 -- Oct 30

Now about those videos you can find them on my YouTube Channel like always and while a few of them are still single cars there are more of them with several cars so here is the so far largest and longest video that I've uploaded todate. 

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