Monday, November 28, 2011

Himegami Gadget

Here is another, from what I've seen, great automotive related manga from the great mind of Asamiya Kia and this time it's aimed at the JDM tuner market.  Himegami Gadget (姫神様ガジェット) is the story of a super cute female personality that resides in the hero's car, in this case a Subaru Impreza WRX STi, that can transform into a giant robot to battle it out with cars that can also transform.  Yup that's right take a little bit of Wangan Midnight, Transformers and add a slice of fanservice mix it all together and you have Himegami Gadget.

There hasn't been any type of scanlation for this one and up until a while ago it was impossible to find a digital copy of the first vol (so far that's the only vol out) but I was finally able to get my grubby little mits on a copy a while ago and took a look at it.  The art like all of Asamiya's work is stunning.  The Girls are hot the cars and very well detailed and the big mecha combat looks stunning.  I'd just like to know what was happening.

Here's a brief english description of the anime and introduces you to the main characters. --

Car enthusiast Eiji only has automobiles on his mind even though his friend and classmate, Kotone, has been hinting that she is interested in him. Eiji is the only one who has a driving license in the school auto club so only he can drive the Subaru Impreza owned by the school. On the way back from getting the car recoated, Eiji and Kotone are shocked to see a giant robot destroying everything. At the same time, Eiji is introduced to Kirin, the sexy spirit that resides inside the Impreza that he drives. He is forced to kiss Kirin to seal the contract to become partners so that Kirin can turn the Impreza into a robot with Eiji as the driver to prevent the city from being destroyed!

Just like Kanojo no Carrera though I don't see this getting licensed (or even scanlated) for a State side release which is not cool but I'll just have to keep check out what other people are doing like the guy who is racing his Himegami Gadget Itasha car around and some of the other cool stuff that I've found on the internet.  I just wish there was more fan art or colored scans to check out.  I think I found everything already but hopefully there will be more.

You can actually check out some of Himegami Gadget on the Flex Comic site which offers the current chapter and a taste of the first volume.  But if you want to check out the entire first volume you can find it here and a few other places.  

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