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Kanojo no Carrera

I posted about Kanojo no Carrera on my anime blog several months ago and didn't copy it over to here because I didn't think it really belonged but after thinking about it some more I've decided to include this blog post (updated as well) from the anime blog and add later a post about another automotive manga that interests me called Himegami Gadget from the same author.  So without further ado here is my old blog post about the best darn Porsche themed Manga ever.

 So the other day while looking for more Japanese Porsche Porn I came across a meet up called the Porsche Central Meet and one of the cars there was a Pink Strosek Speedster.  Surrounding that Porsche were some Anime looking Standies with a plaque that had a bit of English on it.  It said My Favorite Carrera.  So I did a bit of digging using that word and came up with a new favorite Manga that for me is a must read and something that I really wish they would turn into an anime.  That Manga is Kanojo no Carrera (彼女のカレラ) or in English My Favorite Carrera.

The Manga is about a young 20-something female Manga Editor who just so happens to inherit a Ruby Stone Red (yeah it looks pink) Porsche 911RS from her father.  Reina doesn't know much about cars much less how awesome of a car that the 911 RS is that she was gifted.

Reina is a very well endowed young lady who spends time getting to know her new 911RS and grows to enjoy the car lifestyle and from what I've been able to read (18 chapters have been scanlated) has grown rather attached to the 911RS and the enjoyment of driving it, but has a bit of bad luck on occasion with the car.

She seems to get in a few car races on the Wangan and even crashes the poor 911RS at one point.  But she's also acquired a few extra friends thanks to her many adventures behind the wheel of the 911RS.  I am really enjoying the manga and while I think it would be a great thing to bring to America I just don't see anyone wanting to since it's not moe or the typical manga seller that the kiddies like.

Since I became interested in it from seeing it at the Porsche car meeting I just had to look it up and find out more about it and read the manga.  I found a few places were you could read it but it seems that the translations are pretty dead at the moment.  Stopped and Vol 2 chapter 18.  That kinda sucked as it's still being serialized in Weekly Playboy and has had 21 Vols of the Manga released in Japan (as of Nov '11).  I might just have to track down some of the goodies though as there are some cars, figures as well as other stuff released for it.  But with the current currency exchange rate I may just be window shopping for a while.

While I know that there is a very slim chance that the manga will be licensed for the states and an even less chance that an anime series will ever come to be I can still dream right.  And this is what I'd want, I don't want some lame looking Initial D knock off were the car CGI is awesome but the character animation is just shit.  No this needs to be awesome looking from the start.  After all the artist who writes Kanojo no Carrera  is also responsible for Silent Mobius as well as other great titles.  And with the Loli and School girl fanservice ban going on this would be a great time to toss in some nice adult fanservice as I have to admit this manga has a pretty healthy amount of bare breasts thrown about.  And if I had any say in it I'd have to toss in a healthy dose of RAUH-Welt Begriff into the mix as well.

Places to read the scanlated version:
Car related Manga blog
Manga Fox
Club Carisma -- Current translator

Official Blogs:
Asamiya's Profile Blog
My Favorite Carrera Blog
My Favorite Carrera Official Website
I did actually discover that you can read (in my case look) the recent chapters of the manga by visiting this page -- Shupure Comic this is how far behind the scanlations are it's currently at Chapter 251.

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