Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Project Jetta Part 7

Well it's time for another installment of what has Gregory done to his Jetta.  We're on part 7 and a lot has been done since the last part.  Well OK maybe not A LOT but I've done some stuff that is worth noting at least. Bought some new windshield wipers as the freebies are already shot.  Still have to put them on though they are sitting in the trunk still.  And that is were a lot of stuff has happened with this update.  Well that and the wink mirror.

Along with the windshield wipers I did finally change the oil in the car (yes I know I should have done that first thing but it sort just kinda got pushed back a lot) and that also helped to fix my overheating issue that I discovered a while ago.  Now I can actually go though a fast food window without the car overheating.  But that's all I've done for the engine lately.  Hopefully the roommate gets better and the RX8 gets charged up so that I can use the garage again soon to change the ATF and filter in the car as well.  One not so funny thing about changing the oil for the first time is that I found out just how far out the oil shoots and I had a bit of a Exxon Valdez moment in the garage.  Got it cleaned up and no animals were hurt in the making of that oil spill.

The next thing I did after that was an easy fix actually when I replaced the missing trunk light in the car.  After changing it I got a bit paranoid about the light and if it was shutting off when the trunk lid was shut so I grabbed the video camera and shot it to see if it would turn off or not and thankfully I didn't need to worry as it worked properly although the light doesn't shut off until the trunk is 100% shut.  The roommate called me a dork when I  told him about that one.  And yeah I kinda am for that but I'd rather be a dork than have a constantly dead battery and scratching my head why.

Sticker bombed trunkWith that brings me to the latest thing that I've been wanting to do since the day I bought the car and got the wink mirror.  I finally caved and picked up one of the couple Sticker Bomb books that are available (I got book 2) and I went to town on the wink mirror and cover the entire outside of the mirror in stickers.  And I have to say the mirror definitely sticks out a lot more than it did before.  I like it.

I then set my sights on the trunk and did the inside of the trunk as well and oddly enough I still have a ton of sticker left in the book that I could if I wanted to do some of the Hood as well if I ever get around to cleaning it up under there.  I think that might be a bit much though.  I took a bunch of pictures of everything and you can see them all in the Project Jetta set on Flickr.

And with that I'm currently up to speed on things that I've done to the Jetta so far. I kinda joked around that I put my car in winter mode (a lot of people do that around here) and of course I didn't do anything to car for winter mode.  So yeah that's it for Part 7.  Until next time. Hey at least this time I didn't find any extra wiring.

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