Thursday, November 3, 2011

RWB Invades America

I'm bummed that there are three, soon to be four, RAUH-Welt Begriff Porsche cars in the states currently and not a one of them is mine.  But I did get a couple cool stickers from them the other day and one of them is stuck proudly on my photography case.  In the mean time the three finished RWB cars are making their debut at SEMA and the fourth one is patiently awaiting it's turn to be built in Texas.

Unless you haven't been able to pull yourself away from internet porn lately you have by now heard about RAUH-Welt Begriff and the many different cars that they have built around the world and thanks to Facebook, twitter and the many car blogs out there it was no secret that they were coming to America in a big way.

There was a lot of controversy surrounding the build of the USA cars.  There were two cars of note that got hot fast. The Fatlace car and the [Hoonigan] car.  I didn't even know about the third car (second Fatlace car) until it was done and no one knew about the Mayday Garage car until only a few days ago when they announced it on their blog.  Add in Rotiform and Fifteen52 to the mix and the social media sites were a buzz with people who liked the collaborations and others who didn't like it one bit.  Personally I didn't like Rotiform's rims (still don't) when pictures started showing up but the Fifteen52 rims grew on me once I saw them on the car and in color.  The cars themselves were amazing and Nakai-san did wonderful work on all the cars.  OK I even like the screw head illest on the Pandora One's rubber front lip.  Other people thought that RWB sold out by building Fatlace a car not to mention two of them (I'm taking a wild stab here but I don't think Mark owns both of them). And don't forget the big Ken Block rumor.  It is still not his car!  The [Hoonigan] car was mistakenly rumored to be Ken Block's but in fact Brian Scotto is the owner and the person running the just announced at SEMA [Hoonigan] brand.

With the cars finished RWB USA held their grand opening on Oct 29 at the Fatlace Paddock to a huge crowd of people and we all got to see the first finished USA built RWB cars together before they would take their trip to SEMA.  We found out that the two Fatlace cars were called Pandora One (satin signal green RWB964R) and Pandora Two (graphite RWB993R) and of course the [Hoonigan] was emblazoned with that logo all over it.  I'm really wondering if there is a [Hoonigan] decal under the car as well.  That car is a matte white RWB964S model.  Both 964 cars are turbo charged and the Pandora One is also a C4 model as well. As for Pandora Two I haven't seen any information out there about that one and the only thing I have to say about it is that those Rotiform rims, while not as bad as those on Pandora One, are simply boring.

With all three cars sitting pretty at SEMA at the moment the odds are that RAUH-WELT Begriff will gather even more fans and many other people will want one of their own hand built by Nakai-san RWB Porsches.  As it is after SEMA Nakai-san should be heading for Dallas Texas to start work on the fourth RWB car another RWB993R for Mayday Garage.  Hopefully after that the man can take a short vacation and relax a little after his not so little globe hoping build off this year.  And I read a Facebook rumor that there was a car built in Hong Kong as well?  Probably just more Ken Block hear say type stuff.

Unlike in Japan America is big picture crazy and there has been a gazillion pictures taken of the cars (well OK maybe not a gazillion but there are a lot) and I've been saving and sharing what I've found on RWBooru. I haven't tagged every thing but you'll find pictures tagged with Pandora One, Pandora Two and [Hoonigan] shortly.  I've also found some cool links that others have gotten up on the three cars as well.

Autoguide -- Pandora One
Autoblog -- [Hoonigan]
eurotuner -- [Hoonigan]
Speedhunters -- Pandora One
eGarage -- RWB Grand Opening
Fatlace -- Pandora One
CarsXHype -- RWB Grand Opening
Yaer Productions -- If you like baby puke

Last but definitely not least of course are videos of the three cars as well.

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