Friday, November 18, 2011

Stop Mechanophilia Comments Now

Excuse my rant but I gotta just say....  If this picture were posted to Facebook today I can guarantee that you would find an assortment of the following comments.  OMG that car makes my pants tight.  Oh man that car made me mess my pants.  Oh yeah I just came looking at how hot that beast of a car is.  I came. I need to clean myself.  Spooge! I need to clean my monitor now. I could go on but really I think you get the point.  More and more you see those types of comments popping up everywhere cars are being discussed.  And I find this trend disgusting and mindbogglingly stupid.  Why?  Well when I read comments like that the first thing that comes to mind is this horrid picture.  Yeah NSFW by the way.  Oh and in my mind that makes you totally look like you have Mechanophilia, congrats I hope you enjoy that tailpipe.  

It's bad enough when people make comments like that when models post pictures (that's a whole 'nother rant right there let me tell you) but come on a car picture.  You got a boner because of a car and without any extra stimulus you blew your load. Don't people see how pathetic that looks?  I know it's only a small handful of people commenting like that now but if we don't do something about it soon it'll only get worse as other people will begin to think that it's OK to comment like that and others begin to encourage it as a "popular" trend.

I think this rather odd little trend needs to come to a screeching halt.  Not because I find it disgusting but because there just isn't any redeeming quality to a comment like that. Nor does it add anything productive to a discussion and makes the person in my opinion look rather unintelligent as well.   I believe we need to draw a line in the sand as content providers and fellow comment writers who don't find it necessary to write about how a picture has effected our bodily functions.  I know every one will say that those people have a right to write those comments.  However, all it would take is a simple change in attitude towards those types of comments to occur. An attitude where comments like those are frowned upon and highly discouraged if not even ridiculed and laughed at.

And for those guys out there who will continue to comment like that I guess we'll all just have to think of them as an old pasty dude in lingerie pegging a tailpipe and how unfulfilling their life must be.

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