Saturday, December 17, 2011

2012 Porsche 911 (991) part 2

It's been a while since I've written about the latest and greatest 911 to come out of Stuttgart and I figured since it's been officially released here in the States finally I can do a bit more in detail and depth review on the assortment of new things that have come out since my first blog post about it.  I'll have to wait until some time in January or February before I can get my first look at a real deal here in Boise at the local Porsche dealer though.

Since the new model has been officially released to the public Porsche has added their new micro site that includes a new car configurator (zomg they updated it since I first played with it and there are now no aero packages available in the states version) so you can play around build your own and look at what your future 911 will set you back.   I spent entirely to much time on it when it first came out.

We also learned a little more about the new 7 speed manual gear box. Turns out that the 7th gear is just an overdrive for freeway cruising and fuel economy.  It also comes with a new safety feature that keeps the gear locked out until you are in 5th or 6th so no accidental miss shifts.  However, it's still the PDK that proves to be the faster choice, with options, it will launch it self to 60mph in 4.1 seconds and some have said after driving it that Sub 4sec times are possible.

When I first wrote about the new model 991 much wasn't known about the interior,  that's changed and we have gotten some really good details about the plush and overhauled interior.  Gone is the sporty feel some believe replaced by a more Luxury feeling interior thanks in part to the "hey that looks the interior of my Panamera" layout.  The interior adds leg room both front and rear as well as envelopes the driver in a spaces and luxuries surrounding almost straight out of the Panamera.  It does look good though.

One of the other new developments that I recently read about is that the new 991 has had it's long time hydraulic power steering system switch out for an all new electro-mechanical power steering system.  Yet another thing the purists are moaning about but has made the car just that much better.  In many driving reports the steering and wider front track have taken the car's responsiveness and steering miles ahead of the previous generation.  Allowing the new 991, along with the added horsepower gains and other assorted improvements, to lap the Green Hell in 7 minutes 40 seconds an impressive 14 seconds faster than the previous generation 997.

Those are all the new things that I've learned about the 991 and I've been talking to the manager of the local Porsche Dealer about what they have been able to get and from what I've been told they will get their first shipment of 991s that haven't been special ordered (although I doubt they'll sit around long) in late January or early February.  They have on order a Black C2 and a Silver C2S and they'll know more about the cars when it gets time for them to be shipped to the dealer.  I just hope I get a chance to check them out before they are sold.  And hopefully one of them will come with the optional aero package as I really want to see that in person.

Since that first post about the 991 I did Porsche has also announced and released the 991 cabriolet version as well and there really isn't much to say there, it's the same car as the coupe 991 just with a redesigned soft top.  And as a redhead well yeah that doesn't really do anything for me.  What does do it for me is that both Techart and Speedart have already set their sites on improving the look and performance of the 991.  Not to mention Porsche themselves are already fast at work on the Turbo and GT models that will be coming out at a later time (2013-2014).  Looking at some of the speculative designs show some interesting possible improvements over all.

I don't feel like getting all technical today so I rounded up some links that will give you some more detailed information and some first hand driving impressions something I'll probably not be able to do myself anytime soon.

Top Speed -- has a pretty extensive pricing list 
Motoring Exposure -- some stats
LA Times First Drive -- Driving impression

With the teaser blog post we didn't have many videos but now we have loads of them.
Official Videos of both the coupe and the cabriolet models

The all new 991 Cabriolet

The 991 coupe at Rennsport Reunion IV

EVO mag drives the 991 Coupe

Interior video shows off the new digital dial to the right of the Tach

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