Friday, December 2, 2011

Exciting Porsche Meeting

While I love the annual Porsche Oktoberfast meeting here in Idaho it's a shrimp of a show compared to the ones in Japan especially the end of the year annual Exciting Porsche Meeting that is held at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse at the beginning of November.  And yes I know its now December but hey sometimes you gotta wait to see all the goodies that have come out from other people's blogs about the event especially since I've yet to attend this awesome car show.

With Japanese effectiveness the event was well organized, not only according to make and model but color as well.  The cars were well spaced out and organized with precision.  An interesting tidbit about the color layout is that it was done that way to lay out the cars in the color of the German Flag in one area.  The event lasted well into the evening and hosted some 150+ Porsche cars.

At the Exciting Porsche Meeting it wasn't just about the cars on hand to look at and drool over but there were shop stalls there as well who brought out their demo cars as well as Race Teams with their cars and Race Queens.  What would a Japanese car show be without the Race Queens.  Well you also had the entertainment as well.   There were a few girl groups there doing live performances on the make shift stage during the event.

Now what would a Japanese Porsche car show be without some RAUH-Welt Begriff goodness mixed in as well.  When I first read about the event I asked on the RWB Facebook page if any of the owners would be there but they didn't know because as it happens on the same day of this event was another Idler's Games event at the Twin Ring Motegi track.  Thankfully there was a nice little turn out of RWB cars as well.  I found Obabone which was the only named one there but I counted at least 4 others as well.

I also saw what I thought was a modified 959 but it was actually a modified 964 that was turned into a 959 look car.  It was a good thing I was reading people's blogs instead of just looking at their pictures this time. That's also how I found out about the flag thing.

Of course one of things that you're really here for are the pictures and videos (not many videos this year and it's mostly of the entertainment)  but here is the very extensive list of links that I found that will take you to more Porsche pictures than you'll ever need.  If you want to go directly to the RWB pictures well.... yeah I haven't tagged any of them just yet They've been tagged on the RWBooru site here -- EPM

Actually lets start with the videos this time as there are not many.

Now then how about that long ass list of links sorted by blog site.

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Wakasio -- Girl Group
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Various Others
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