Sunday, December 4, 2011

Idlers Games Rd 3

Holy smokes the last round of the Idlers Games for 2011 is only 6 days away and I still haven't gotten the 3rd round up on the blog I better get cracking on that right away.  Yup that's what I told myself today and so here we are.  I did a bit more searching around for content (last time I looked there wasn't much) and found enough stuff to keep things interesting.  They also have the results up as well.  Something I'm usually waiting for but they got them up pretty fast this last time around.  The next and final round for 2011 is on Dec 10th so look forward to that but in the mean time lets take a look at Rd 3.

The third round of the Idlers Games was held on Nov 13 (same day as the Exciting Porsche Meeting) at Twin Ring Motegi and like always offered up a very large group of racers in various types of cars.  And like usual I was mostly interested in how the RAUH-Welt Begriff did.  Unfortunately it was a pretty hard day for the RWB drivers. 

Yoko Kubo in her Silver and Pink 996 GT3 had issues with her car before the race but was able to get the car up and running in time for the race and she was able to finish in 5th place overall, and the top finisher for the RWB cars running in the non supercup classes.  Way to go Yoko Kubo!

Both Shinji-san in his Red 964RS and Yuji-san in his Lleyton House Blue 930 had transmission failures taking them out of the race.  Yuji-san is done for the year and is working on his car for next year and I haven't heard what Shinji-san has in store for his car.   A few other RWB cars also dropped out of the race as well the matte gray 996GT3 dropped out the other Red 964RS (with the crystal Carrera RS badge) dropped out and is maybe finished for a while with racing as a whole (from what I gathered from reading a translation of his blog he's looking to move on with life).  Also missing from this event was the Blossom Joker car as well.  The driver is actually selling his car and if I read the blog translation correctly is also retiring from racing as well.  So if you want a pretty cool RWB car I'd suggest getting a hold of him if he hasn't already sold it.  To late, it's sold.

On the flip side of things, among the RWB cars that were still in the hunt for this race Natty Dread, Bordeaux and Dorf all finished in the top 10 with another unnamed RWB 964RS in SuperCUP.  Add in all the other RWB cars scattered around the non SuperCup Porsche classes as well.  Then you have the man himself Nakai-san out there turning laps after just getting back from America and his adventures there building three cars and attending SEMA.   

You can check out all the other results at the following link -- Idlers Games RD3 Results which also includes the various other groups that were out there racing besides just the RWB cars.  You can find the pictures of the RWB cars that I scoured the internet for from the race on the RWBooru site with the tag -- Idlers Games

Now it's time for links to check out some of the other stuff that was out there.

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Other Blogs --
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Now for some videos that are not included up above in all the links.

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