Saturday, December 31, 2011

More RWB magazines

I seriously needed to get this out before the new year and I've been sitting on these magazines for a while now. I've read them photographed them and now here they are finally.  And I have something else as well from the land of the rising sun and our friends 7Tune.  Oh yeah! I finally have a RAUH-Welt Begriff shirt and I can't wear it because Nakai-san signed it and I don't want to have to wash it and wash off the signature.  I should have also bought the lighter and ash tray from Fatlace but oops ran out of disposable income.

Anyways back to the magazines.  This time around there are two of them as the article in Super Street is super short so there just wasn't really a need to do to articles.  The other magazine is 911&Porsche World with an in depth article on the UK's RWB Number One from Vogue Auto Design.

So first up the January 2012 issue of Super Street and while RAUH-Welt Begriff is still not on the cover it does have a 5 page spread on the one and only Royal Montegobay named RWB993R the first of the next generation of super wide RWB Porsches.  Wait didn't that get renamed Tunerhaus?  Yes, yes it did some time ago.  These pictures are from January 2011 and were shot by the talented Sean Klingelhoefer.  But that's printed press for you.  If you want to check out the pictures and some other great shots from article you can check out Sean's flickr account. And if you wanted to read the article you can do that here -- Super Street

The written part of it is super short and thankfully doesn't do the whole what and who RWB and Nakai-san are this time around just focusing mostly on the Royal Montegobay and it's distinct characteristic charm.  Nothing really ground breaking but a nice little read and look at the car for people who may not have seen the car and have only heard of RWB thanks to the Fatlace builds in the states.  But holy crap I just noticed that the price of Super Street went up to $7.99 that's a dollar less than DSPORT for a lot less good stuff.  US print magazine prices are starting to inch ever so close to their foreign counterparts. 

And just for a treat here is a video of the Royal Montegobay cruising around the Streets around the shop.

Now for 911&Porsche World Magazine issue 213 which is the December 2011 issue and on the cover is the lovely Lamborghini Gray RWB993R called Number One the first Euro built RWB car.  This article is a very in depth look at the car and first build outside of Asia (but not the fist outside of Japan like the article states.  We all know that car is the white RWB993R from Thailand).

I really do like this car and really did enjoy the article and was glad to be able to pick up this issue since I missed the issue from 911&Porsche World that covered RAUH-Welt Begriff and Nakai-san.  (didn't know about it until it was to late to get the issue from Barnes and Noble).  VAD had actually done a little bit more work on the car since I first posted about the car Number One was rocking some new colored calipers that stood out from the body color.  Made the car just that much better.  And while I'm still waiting for new pictures of the car rocking those new rims (ffffuuuuu damn production process complications slowing things down) I really did like the new pictures (which you can find on Stance Nation) and the thoughtful write up. Probably the best yet.

I can't give you a video of Royal Montegobay and not give one of Number One as well.

7tune + RWB = EPICNow then about that other awesome thing I picked up.7Tune finally released their T-shirt that they did with RWB and I straight away ordered one up.  Oh and they are not all sold out just yet so if they have your size order one.  I was so excited and didn't care one bit about the almost $70 price tag (thank the yen to dollar exchange rate for most of that).  Then it got even better because they said Nakai-san had offered to sign them if people wanted.  Heck yeah!  The only problem is that this was the same time that Nakai-san was globe hoping so it took some time for the shirts to get made, get signed and finally get shipped to me.  But it was a great early Christmas present for myself.  I still haven't worn it but I did take some pictures as well as some other pictures of the magazines.

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