Saturday, December 24, 2011

Project Jetta Part 8

Or the "OH MY GOD I BLEW MY FREAKING HEAD GASKET, oh wait maybe not" post.  Actually I did a few extra things to the car as well and have picked up a few new things for it as well.  I no longer have a big empty hole in the dash where the radio went.  It's been filled finally.  But about that head gasket.  Let me tell you I had a freaking bad scare today when I went to Wally World and yeah things went down hill from there but thankfully before I headed to bed things were looking up.

First the radio because well that's the first thing I did since the last time I wrote a Project Jetta blog.  Went to a junk when I had some extra cash and looked around for a period correct factory radio to fill that vacant hole in my car.  They had three Jettas in the right time range but not a damn radio to be had.  Not to be let down I did find one of the better looking GLI trunk covers.  I took that off and the hardware and will be hopefully attaching that to the car in spring when it warms up again.  I also grabbed a non broken rear driver side tail light assembly since mine is broken on the lip on the outside.

Sweet Factory RadioOn my way out I saw out of the corner of my eye a same model year VW Fox and figured why not check it out.  What did I find but an intact radio with Tape deck.  SWEET!  Got that and the wiring harness as my was altered to accept a non-factory new radio. Got every thing wired up the radio works (doesn't even need the key in the ignition and turned on to work either, yeah I know fix that)  I also dug up another voltage regulator as well.  I noticed that when replacing it this time that the alternator parts that connect to the voltage regulator are worn down on one of the sides.  So I'll probably have to replace the alternator soon, but the belt now as I also checked that and it's pretty loose

o yeah I was feeling pretty good about the car at the moment and then I drove to Walmart on Friday morning.  While on the way there I smelled oil but I just figure it was the car in front of me as I had only just pulled up to them when I started smelling it.  However,  when I stopped I noticed that there was smoke coming out from underneath the Jetta's hood.  FUCK!  Opened up the hood and sure enough it was smoking a little bit and there was oil all over the place.  FUCK! Well I took are of business in Walmart and let the car cool down.  Once I got back I looked around didn't notice any holes or constant stream of leaking oil or a puddle underneath the car.  Started it up and it ran fine so I drove home carefully.

Got it home, took some pictures looked at the car some more didn't really see any more oil leaking anywhere so I was like what the hell happened to my car did I blow the head gasket or the valve cover gasket.  Damn it.  Went inside, posted the pictures and hopped on Facebook for help and the predictions were not great.  Started looking around for parts to replace the head gasket and nothing was in stock anywhere.  FUCK!

FFFFUUUUUU!!!!!So I went back out and started looking at it some more and cleaning up the oil off of the surfaces and getting ready to do some checking on things.  And I thought to myself I should check to make sure the valve cover nuts are secured down and tightened, you never know.  So I did that and holy freaking hell.  All of the nuts on the front of the valve cover were extremely loose and two on the back were as well.  So tightened them all down did some more cleaning and smelled for coolant in the oil (there was none), looked in the oil for coolant there was none and checked the coolant for oil and there was none.  Oh thank freaking goodness.  So got all that done took it for a drive and sure enough no more leaking oil, no overheating either.   But I could still smell oil in the engine bay and I believe that is just because I couldn't clean up all the oil that leaked out and it's just burning off.

So I was damn lucky this time.  So things I know I need to change in the very coming future.  Alternator and belt, valve cover gasket, spark plug wire set (looked in them to make sure there wasn't any oil and noticed that they all looked nasty inside and corroded), ATF fluid and gasket/filter is the short list but I'm happy that I didn't have to do the head gasket yet and that I now have a radio to rock out to.  Oh and something that I just want for the car either a GLI trunk lip spoiler or one of those bigger foam type trunk spoilers.  Apparently pretty damn hard to find in good shape anymore.

You can find all the recent pictures not posted here on flickr in this set -- Project Jetta

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