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2012 Tokyo Auto Salon -- The Cars

Oh yeah here is the meat and potatoes of the Tokyo Auto Salon the multitude of vehicles and equipment on hand to drool over or scratch your head over.  No really you can guarantee that there will be a handful of WTF items on display to make you scratch your head as well as some just out of this world awesome items too.  This year is actually the 30th Anniversary of the Tokyo Auto Salon with NAPAC (Nippon Auto Parts Aftermarket Committee) held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba City, Japan. And while I was stuck here at home like many people who wish they could go I spent the better part of the weekend hunting down pictures and videos of what was going on.  And believe me when I tell you that I've only scratched the surface of what is out there with what I'm going to be showing you. 

So I'm going to break this down into a few sections that highlight what was happening in those three days followed by an all too long list of places to visit for more pictures.  And then the all important videos.  If you want to find more stuff that slowly makes it's way on to the internet after I've posted this I'd suggest searching Google with both "Tokyo Auto Salon" and with 東京オートサロン which is the Japanese equivalent.  So lets begin.

Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ
Even though the general public can't get their hands on them yet Toyota and Subaru spared no expense in making sure they were well represented at TAS showing off both inside with their respective limited edition models and outside in the drift arena with various new drift machines.  I'm not OMG in love with any of the cars but with all the pictures that are out there for either car brands and the amount of Aftermarket love that they were given already it's not hard to see that they will be best sellers and heavily tunable by the time they hit our shores. 

Fatlace X RAUH-Welt Begriff
Oh yeah this is what I was looking forward to but honestly became disappointed that there was only one RWB car on display at TAS but you know what that's life and you just have to live with it and just enjoy the countless number of pictures that were coming out for the newly named Spearmint Rhino Matte White RWB993R cabriolet.  And yes I'll be writing more about it in another post later.  Keeping Spearmint Rhino company at the Fatlace booth was the lovely Jeri Lee the only none Japanese Campaign Girl there and yes this was one of my favorite booths thanks to the RWB car and the lovely Jeri Lee.

Nissan GT-R
While the GT86 and BRZ were making headlines with their newness the all might GT-R was still the show stopper with big power cars and the jaw dropping awesome Bensopra Triplets.  They looked fantastic and apparently have the numbers to back them up.  Top Secret had their power packing pair on display and there were a handful of other colorful tuner cars sprinkled about as well but but it was Bensopra cars that grabbed people's attention.

Super GT and other Race cars
Once I saw the car I knew it was going to get a lot of lens love at TAS and I wasn't wrong.  Last year they had the Rothman's Porsche 962 on display.  This year the spotlight was on the awesome Mazda 787B "RENOWN" Le Mans winner which also headed outside to show off in the drift arena like a caged lion.  I thought that was awesome.  In addition to the 787B car there where a handful of Super GT and Pro-drift cars on hand as well.  You'll find a handful of the GT500 cars in Nissan and Honda booths but Toyota's GT500 cars were MIA and considering next year will be their last year (following testing regulations) I'm not surprised.  In the GT300 camp we got another look at the new GT300 BRZ and while last year's Impreza was there as well I hardly saw any pictures of it.  Also at TAS was the GT300 Toyota Prius, still MIA was the rumored (before last year's TAS show) GT300 CRZ however.  I even spotted a new GT300 Porsche entrant from Team Taisan-Endless rocking a new Porsche 911 GT3R.   

Exotics and Foreign
The oil Sheiks are probably drooling over Liberty Walk's Gold Chromed Murcielago Roadster and who can blame them it actually looks good sitting beside their military themed Murcielago.  Also in their booth was the steal building company that they made their amusement park out of and tucked inside two more lovely white Lamborghini cars.  An Aventador even made an appearance.  Ferrari lovers don't worry there was plenty there for you as well.  Just nothing that rocked my world.  Not to be outdone by the Italian super cars there were plenty of German cars there was well including BMWs from Studie AG and a smattering of Porsche 4drs gain though nothing that really got me excited.  Then you get these two oddballs in the group an old black Testarossa and Red RUF BTR? lifted up slightly to showcase the rubber they were wearing.  They just seemed really out of place at TAS. 

Vanning and VIP
These two often times go together and are still a huge part of the Japanese car culture if not even getting bigger.  VIP once the realm of the YAKs with their big black cars has become a huge tuning segment and has crossed over to include vans.  However, Vanning has broken off to become it's own tuning segment that is making cool big vans and cool Kei vans.  and I gotta saw I'm loving some of it but not nearly as much as I love the Kei Trucks.  But we gotta go back to those VIP cars.  long sleek low to the ground and more likely than not sporting LOL worthy camber.  There are the exception to that rule though and in comes Junction Produce with their still stunning VIP RR Phantom.  The surprise in the Vanning department though was the convertible Toyota Previa van.  Top Gear's ragtop van sucked but this one looked dang good.

Trucks: Kei type and not so Kei type
I love Kei Trucks and I look forward to seeing what cool things they come out with at the show and if it wasn't freaking pink I'd be all over the Hello Special Kei truck which killed the hey those look like last year's show trucks from Kei Zone.  And yeah I had to LOL at the over sexy booth for the Hino Dutro X trucks which believe it or not are making their way to the states.  Now if we could just get the new Kei Trucks too.  Then there are the off roaders which when you think of Japan you don't really think of off roading 4x4 trucks.  I mean at least I don't but they do have a surprisingly large segment of the Japanese tuner market.  But unlike the Kei Trucks nothing really got me excited here either.

The WTF section
Seriously there were just some things that I had to say What the Frack were they thinking to.  And to start it off lets hit up the one thing that I really hate, the bedazzling trend.  I LOL at a lot of things but the whole bedazzling thing just pisses me right the hell off.  Amazing none of the Campaign girls got bedazzled (OK that might actually be hot) as well. Granted there wasn't anything nearly as bad as last year's covered in crystals Mercedes but then again I ended up hating the LB Performance Red Murcielago, the purple Diablo and oh man you idiots ruined a perfectly good Audi R8 Spyder with that crap.  And it was showing up every where even VIP cars had bedazzled grills.  Aside from that you have the next WTF car, the boso matte black and purple Murcielago.  I've only seen pictures of it from the back and that's enough.  Someone just needs to rip off that ugly as all hell rear diffuser and smack the owner with it.   And while not really car related the $50 Yak Tat baby...LOL WTF.  Oh and before I forget the best odd duck of them all.  The Camper Prius...Seriously.

And done, and like I said before I didn't even scratch the surface of what was there.  It's always interesting to see what is happening in the land of the rising sun in regards to the tuning world and TAS is a great start to the new year in the end there was some super cool stuff and some super lame stuff.  Now you get hit with a mega huge list of links that will take you to buckets of good pictures from TAS and after that Videos.  Just a handful as there are hundreds of new TAS2012 videos. 

Sites --
The Chronicles -- Speedhunters -- Mayday Garage -- Jon Sibal  -- Stance Nation -- Makoto Style

Flickr --
tmizo771 --  a mix of girls and cars
makotomatic -- a mix of girls and cars
Kei Takada -- a mix of girls and cars, mostly cars
Kenneth Tang -- just cars and those crazy Yak Tat Babies
Rob Shaw -- Just the cars
Ryuu -- Just some cars
Kenchinn -- a mix of cars and girls mostly cars
Scivi -- a mix of girls and cars

Minkara overload -- Remember I start you on the first page for more pages just follow the link at the bottom
Tommy Kaira -- MeWe's pursuit -- Big Beat -- Random -- For Fugo 350GT -- Jun+ 900
Random -- My Best Partner -- Tak & Tak -- Ducks Garden -- Slow Life -- Fox Tail -- Ebi's Mobile Corps
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Evo Style -- Random -- Honda RF-3 -- Random -- Premiere -- Eco? Ego? Evo? -- Random -- 1 Room
E52 Impul Elgrand -- Tea -- Random -- Random -- Black Box -- No Car No Life

Now with that done we can take look at some videos from YouTube

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