Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Tokyo Auto Salon -- The ladies

With the completion of the 30th annual Tokyo Auto Salon held Jan 13-15 over with it's time to toss up some goodies. While the Tokyo Auto Salon is a showcase of the latest automotive technology to come out of the land of the rising sun a good number of the people are only there for one thing and one thing only.  The lovely ladies.  And you'll find a lot of them at the Tokyo Auto Salon and in this part of my coverage you'll get an eye full of them.

On the first day of TAS2012 they also held the Race Queen Grandprix and the ever cute Saki Tachibana took home the top prize of Race Queen of the year.  When I started watching out for coverage one of the booths caught my eye and I said that that was going to be the most loved and watched booth at the show and as it turned out I was pretty right.  Surprisingly it was a booth for light commercial vehicles Hino Dutro X which featured to dance poles that were occupied by several lovely ladies working the poles. 

Not surprising was Aiwa's booth which like always featured the least clothed ladies sporting some see through genie type outfits with airbrush art on their backs.  The bad thing usually is that they don't always have the better looking ladies to go with those outfits.  I know it takes a lot of guts to do the skimpy outfits at a car show thing but damn some of those ladies should stay home.  Thankfully there were other better looking ladies at other booths.

Like the ladies at the WALD booth.  Even if the outfits were the same as last year's the ladies were all lovely and made the outfits look good.  Of course it helps when you have a few Race Queens sprinkled into the mix.  Speaking of Race Queens you'll find a lot of former Race Queens at TAS both in and out of their Race Queen outfits.  Some were rocking their Race Queen outfits from last year while others were working at other booths in different outfits.

In the Fatlace booth rocking her signature look was probably the only none Japanese Campaign Girl the one and only Jeri Lee who made the Spearmint Rhino RWB car look just that much better.  

In any case there were a lot of lovely ladies looking pretty next to cars at TAS2012 and here are some links to a ton of pictures of them and this is only what I've gathered since it started there will be a lot more I'm sure through out the week as people post the rest of their pictures and videos.  

So here you go Campaign Girl overload.
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Flickr Wasyasya -- girls
Flickr Hikoichi -- girls not in a set so some digging may be required later down the line.
Flickr Rob Shaw -- His collection of girls
Flickr Scivi -- random cars and girls
News site coverage of the ladies
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Golf to Impress -- Yes a golf site covered the ladies of TAS2012
Team BLOOD -- Ladies1, ladies2, Ladies3
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MiuMiu -- ladies1, ladies2, ladies3 and ladies4
M's Blog
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Diasuka Ha
Kitchen Shinoyama
Kaki603 -- ladies1, ladies2 and ladies3
Itomasa -- ladies1 and ladies2
Tamalog -- There are pages of ladies here this is the start just follow the page links at the bottom.
W124-911 -- this is the start of the Minkara pages just follow the links at the bottom for additional pages
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And now for some videos but I'm only going to highlight a few (as there are a ton of them) but you can search for them using either Tokyo Auto Salon or better yet 東京オートサロン some digging may be required to get past all the car related videos though.

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