Thursday, January 12, 2012

BS Shirasaki's Sunburst 964

Often times while I'm on Facebook and conversation goes to what other cool Porsche Tuners or car builds there are out there in the land of the Rising Sun I'm always quick to point out what I think is one of the best self built Porsches out there.  Tucked away in a little body shop called BS Shirasaki you'll find a colorful widebody 964 that looks like it could easily be a RWB build but it isn't.  This 964 is completely hand built by the owner in his own shop and he never seems to stop tinkering with it, improving upon it every time there is a new post.  And I'm always eagerly awaiting those new posts.

I don't even remember how it was that I came across this car on this blog but since finding it I've always came back to see what newly fabricated part he was adding this week/month/whatever was going to be.  In the middle of building this car he does other work as well and I have to say looking at his blog gives you a great appreciation of the work the man buts into his projects.  Really impressive stuff.

Then you get to his 964 which has been a labor of love since some time in Oct 2006 after seeing the Sunburst 993 demo car that later became the RWB993 Natty Dread (more on that in another post).  The owner ordered up a set of Sunburst 993 body panels and set out to modify them for his 964.  You have to look through his entire build thread from the start to appreciate how much work went into converting the body panels to fit the 964.  The color choice is also an interesting one as well.  Best I can describe it as an orange and yellow Chameleon paint with black accents.  It's an absolutely stunning color though.

Once the body panels were fitting and the car painted he didn't stop there and he has since kept developing new and better refinements to the car and one of the most impressive ones is the entire underbody air diffuser that also acts as an air channel to vent air to the brakes from underneath the car.

At one point the owner did race the car at I believe it was a Rush Cup event but since he's been rebuilding the car and it hasn't left his shop since.  I would really like to see this one of a kind 964 back out on the track and hopefully that will happen this year.  In any case I'll keep following his blog posts as he updates them looking for his next awesome fabrication.  The rest of his blog is also worth a look as well.  If and when I make it to the land of the Rising Sun I will make it a point to stop by his shop and pick is brain and take a considerable long look at his pride and joy.

I almost forgot.  This (the picture to the left) is how the 964 started out on the blog before getting transformed into what it is today. It looks so much better today doesn't it.

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