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Liberty Walk

Unless you've been living under the proverbial internet rock you have seen the two latest videos from Maiham Media and have caught your self drooling over the hot pink Murcielago or the boso Skylines that have come out of the very interesting shop of Liberty Walk.   Once again Maiham Media did a stellar job on the videos and everyone is falling over themselves posting them on their blogs and sharing them on every social media site available but there's just something missing from it all.  Like, the rest of the story.

Great now I sound like Paul Harvey.  In any case I just thought I'd do something other than just nut swing and tell you how effing cool the videos are.  Well they are effing cool but Liberty Walk is more than just a couple of videos.  Wataru Kato started Liberty Walk in I believe 1993 and while at the time it was a way to win over a lady it turned into the awesome tuner shop that it is today.  And if you spend any time reading up on the Kato-san (or if you're lucky enough spend time with him) you'll find out that he's a passionate person who believes that being happy requires hard work and a good laugh. You can't argue with that.

While Maiham Media's videos only covered the Exotic Lamborghinis of LB Performance and Kato-san's private collection of shakotan/boso Skylines there is a lot more to Liberty Walk.  The second side of LB Performance is the customization of American cars.  You'll find customized Chrysler 300C on airbags next to heavily customized Hummers sitting outside the shop.  Right next to the modified Lamborghinis.  And next to those are the new GO-EZ kei trucks that they are selling.  And of course you can't forget the little Lambormini customized quads that also include a Ferrari F40 kit and Nissan Skyline kit.  And even they are on air in fact so are the Lamborghinis and Skylines.  So I'm sure that will turn some people either on or off depending on how they feel about airbags.  Suppose it does make it easier for the cars to deal with speed bumps and car park entrances.

Thanks to those airbags you do get an added bonus and that's the airbrushed airtanks in the car.  You know that military green Murcielago not only does it have camo colored rim lips but has a cool Mitsubishi Zero painted on it's airtank to complete the military look. 

Of course Kato-san isn't all about the cars he builds and sells but his private collection is rather interesting as well.  Not only does he have the handful of skakotan Skylines that you see in the new video but he has a couple unmolested factory stock very low mile Skylines as well, one of them worth $200k.   Yeah you read that right.  In addition to the Skylines he also has a few boso bikes a handful of Ferraris and a top fuel(?) dragster as well.  A rather interesting collection.  All this because of a woman a long time ago and his love for cars or so it goes.

Kato-san even opened up his own little Amusement Park recently which is more like a cool man cave/cafe and guy shop than a real Amusement Park but from the blog posts and what not it looks like a cool place to hang out enjoy some of their work, buy some drinks and pick up a new automotive trinket or two...or more.

Now I can pick one of two roads I can travel along with all the nut swingers and say I love the film, the film is great and awesome and OMG I can't get enough of it or I can take the other road and tell you what I really think.  Yes the film is great but once again I found myself wanting to bang my head on the table because of the over use of the documentary Black & White style.  Like the RWB films I wouldn't mind a bit of it but the cars are not cold and colorless objects, they deserve to be enjoyed in color.  Of course that's just my opinion so you can agree or disagree.

So I was going to cruise around YouTube and toss out some videos of the cars in color (I know I've seen them damn it ) but I couldn't find any good ones, found a really low quality video of the Purple and silver one but that was it.

But I did find some good pictures of the cars.  And if you follow the links you'll be able to check them out as well. And if you want to keep abreast of what is happening at Liberty Walk you should like their FaceBook page as well.

Riverside blog -- I wish we could of gotten to see the purple Hakosuka in the film.
Ichiraku911 -- Toshi-san also works for Liberty Walk as the international contact person
Ararin 1964 -- random blog with some pictures
In Sixth Gear -- Lamborghini stuff
Kato-san -- I highly suggest looking through the staff blogs starting with Kato-san's own. 
Kawamura -- Staff blog
Sugita -- Staff blog
Toda -- Staff blog
Ebihara -- Staff blog
Tsukahara -- Staff blog
Toru -- Staff blog
Brazil -- Staff blog
Lina -- Staff blog

I know I didn't find any good videos of the Skylines but I did find some of the other cars including Liberty Walk's YouTube Channel (to bad it hasn't been updated since a year ago) that you can peep below. 

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