Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Project Jetta: Part 9

Well part 8 wasn't that long ago and this is sort of a continuation of that part steaming from the oil leak mess coming out of the valve cover.  Basically a lot of cleaning of the engine bay some new paint and a couple new parts round out this the 9th part of my little Project Jetta.  Also the last of 2011 even though this sort of carried over into the first week of the new year.

So I spent my Christmas money on a new locking gas cap and a new set of Spark Plug Wires.  Got them from a friend at O'rielly's and had an interesting time finding the place for the first time.  Anyways the locking gas cap gives me just that much added ease at night and of course the Spark Plug Wires are always a good thing to replace when they are worn out.  Next up....belts but holy fuck that isn't an easy job with a Jetta running PS and AC.  Looking at that job I really wanted the Lumina back with it's simple belt replacement job.

So yeah that's good but I was sitting there looking at the engine bay and looking at how dirty it was still and I ended up spending a good deal of time cleaning it up scrubbing it down and making it look better. And oh my goodness was that round plastic part on top of the Valve Cover ever filled with the nastiest crap and water.  Took forever to clean that out.  Then I noticed how hideous the timing belt cover looked and decided I was going to repaint that.  And I did and it turned out pretty nice if I don't say so myself.  I also discovered something jammed up inside where the Timing belt pulley was and the valve cover so I removed that.  In the process of getting the belt cover on and off I managed to lose 5 freaking nuts.  I couldn't believe that.

In any case that's pretty much where I'm at starting 2012 and I should make a list of things I want to get done with the car.

So for 2012 besides the normal oil changes and car washes and what not this is what I have planned to fix and update in order of importance things I can think of doing to the Jetta.

01.  ATF fluid and filter change
02.  Accessory belts changed
03.  Timing belt and water bump changed
04.  AC Fixed
05.  Suspension and components replaced
06.  Alignment
07.  New Rims and Tires
08.  Refresh rubber molding on car
09.  Clean up wiring in engine bay
10.  Replace orange signals with clear ones
11.  Install lap belts on front seats
12.  Fix rear passenger side door handle
13.  Remove hood and clean it (take out dents)
14.  Fix dents in car.
15.  Replace radio antennae with better one.
16.  Fix driver side headlight get them properly aligned
17.  ??????
18.  Profit.

As always you can find some new pictures of the clean engine bay in this flickr set -- Project Jetta and until Part 10 keep on motoring.

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