Thursday, January 19, 2012

RAUH-Welt Begriff's Spearmint Rhino

Yes it's a Franchise Strip Club, and we even have one here in Boise, ID, but I'm not blogging about that Spearmint Rhino.  No I'm here to introduce another wicked creation from RAUH-Welt Begriff called Spearmint Rhino.  What once was a pink 993 cabriolet has been transformed into this stunning matte white RWB93R cabriolet.  The first Porsche 993 cabriolet model featuring the new super wide body kit that was made famous by the Silver Royal Montegobay car.

Built by Nakai-san for the 30th Anniversary Tokyo Auto Salon and featured in the Fatlace booth along side the lovely Jeri Lee (Who we'll forgive for calling the car a 996 in one of her Facebook posts) Spearmint Rhino started life as a basic pink Carrera 2 cabriolet that Nakai-san had around the shop and at one point had up for sale.  It was even used to film the Royal Montegobay car driving around the city.  After his trip to Texas to build the RWB993R for Mayday Garage Nakai-san came back inspired, perhaps by a visit to a club of the same name, and tore into that pink car and turned it into another piece of rolling art.

Spearmint Rhino rolled out of the shop minus the name and some other finishing touches as it made it's first debut at an end of the year Porsche Track Day Event. Facebook lit up with people both liking it and hating it.  No surprise there really. What did surprise me, knowing a bit more about this car then most people probably did, is that the only reason that people were hating on it was because it was cabriolet model.  I kinda had to laugh at that considering how much hate the UK's Number One got for being an automatic, which surprise so is the Spearmint Rhino.

Maybe that's because there was no recent shots of the interior but whatever let the haters hate neither one of those issues distracts from the car in my opinion.  And from the looks of it Spearmint Rhino was built to be a cruiser on the street and not a track day fighter.  The only thing I would change, if it was at all possible, would be to make the soft top a Speedster setup.  And I know there is a kit out there that can turn a 993 cabriolet into a speedster, so yeah...get that done.  I think that would absolutely finish off the Spearmint Rhino's cool factor and look.

Spearmint Rhino got it's name and had some finishing touches added before heading off to the Tokyo Auto Salon where it would sit in the Fatlace booth pimping for the Fatlace company along side a few other cars built by the Japanese arm of Fatlace. One of those finishing touches was a series of nation flags, where RWB and Nakai-san have traveled to in the last year to build cars, added to the rear deck lid.  I thought that was a  pretty cool touch.  Now while there are piles of picture for the car I can't find any videos from the Tokyo Auto Salon featuring the car as of yet so that's a little bit of let down but you can check out all the pictures that I've found both at the show and before on the RWBooru site with the Spearmint Rhino tag.  On a side note this car may still be for sale (it's hard to tell sometimes from my point of view of they are selling the car on the concept with these ads) as it's listed here -- RAUH-Welt Kansai.

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