Friday, January 6, 2012

Speed Matsuri -- Facebook

So I decide that one of the things I'm going to do for this blog in 2012 is make a leap to Facebook (like every other automotive blog out there) to help expand the Speed Matsuri brand.  I've got shirts, I'll be working on Stickers in February and now Speed Matsuri has a Facebook page.  All I need are the readers and some gullible company to buy my didn't just read that.  Forget I wrote that.  I wouldn't sell out and spend the millions moving to Japan, buying an RWB car and starting over...well OK I would but I don't see that happening so I guess I'll just have to keep doing the blog.
So why start a Facebook page?  I always run into a lot of cool automotive related stuff that I want to share and typically I'll share that all on my own private Facebook page but I want to share it with more people and it's not always enough to write a blog about so I figured it wouldn't hurt to start a page and here we are.  

You'll find a lot of interesting automotive junk on Speed Matsuri's Facebook page like videos that I find on YouTube (and I'll toss up all the past Weekly Videos from the blog there as well).  And probably vice versa.   Not to mention the tons of cool pictures that I find all the time and something that I don't add often to the blog...Import Models.  Plus I'll be honest I would like to see more readership generated here as well and I'm hoping that, with the help of Facebook, that will happen.  

You'll find that I've added a Facebook widget to the blog over on the left hand side below the pretty Race Queen.  It's also linked above as well if you want to go and take a look around and click the like button.  

Porsche 911 (997) Turbo S As for the pretty Porsche 911 Turbo S posted up there, well that was a nice surprise that showed up at Porsche of Boise dealer the other day and I just had to go and take a look at it and since I only had my cellphone on me I snapped a few pictures of it.  While not the best pictures (no flash, no editing, blah blah blah) I do have to admit they are pretty decent.  You can find the rest on my flickr page at the bottom of this set -- Porsche.  

The car was awaiting customer pickup and it was pretty well loaded down with options and a ton of leather (really...leather belt buckles) and came in at a hefty sticker price of $195K.  While the cabriolet is not my first choice after driving the C4S cab they have grown on me a bit.  

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