Thursday, February 9, 2012

2MM Porsche Facebook Fans

I can't believe I completely forgot about this until the other day.  Then I was like damn I haven't posted anything about that and I'm on the freaking car.  Well along  with some 1.99MM others who are also fans of Porsche on Facebook. 

I was surprised to see how many people used the generic default Facebook profile picture instead of their own picture.  There's even one right next to my picture.  In any case with 2 million fans Porsche celebrated the moment by adding a thumbnail of their fan's Facebook profile picture posted on a Special Porsche Cayman that will be showcased at the Porsche Museum

Wonder what they will do when they reach the 3 million fans marker (less than 500k fans to go).  Or what will happen to this car.  I wonder what did they do with the 1mm Facebook fans car as well.  You know the actually cool Porsche 911 that had the 1mm fans names written on it.  Yeah I missed getting my name on that car by a day, believe it or not.  Now back to the 2mm Cayman.  Did you get your picture on the car?  You can find out (if you didn't sign up to do it you wouldn't get your picture on the car even if you were a fan of Porsche at the time.) by checking out the site

So where did I end up on the car when all was said and done?  Well up there on the roof close to the top of the windshield off to the passenger side.  Well actually here let me post up a picture of where I'm located.

There I am

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