Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2012 GSR & Studie with TeamUKYO

Well it's that time of the year when race teams all over the world start announcing and showing off their new teams for the 2012 race season and I was excited to read about the latest announcement from one of my favorite Super GT teams GSR & Studie with TeamUKYO.  Not only did they announce the team and introduce the new 2012 Racing Miku livery for the now Number 0 car but they showed off a second team that will be running a second BMW Z4 GT3 car with the Number 4.

With a second car that also means a few new faces on the team as well.  But all of that pales in comparison to what I was really excited for.  As an overseas fan I'm limited in how I can enjoy the team as everything was geared only to the Japanese local fan and that just SUCKED!  This year though GSR & Studie with TeamUKYO have seen to it that the overseas fans will be able to enjoy supporting the team as well with a new site that is available in a few other languages.

You can check out the new English site as well as the Japanese site but there isn't a whole lot of information up at the moment.  In the mean time I'm been sniffing around the internet for any information about the new team and what not.  And this is what I have.

BMW Z4 GT3 #0 -- GSR Hatsune Miku BMW
Drivers -- Nobuteru Taniguchi | Tatsuya Kataoka
Manager -- Itsuo Ohashi
livery -- Racing Miku designed by GAN

BMW Z4 GT3 #4 -- GSR Project Mirai BMW
Drivers -- Taku Bamba | Masahiro Sasaki
Manager -- Ukyo Katayama
livery -- Based on the upcoming 3DS game Hatsune Miku and Future Stars: Project Mirai and features several of the Vocaloid Nendoroid characters on the car.

And we can't forget the rest of the staff and the lovely Race Queens either.
The important people --
Yasuaki Suzuki (CEO of Studie AG)
Takanori Aki (Representative of GOODSMILE RACING)
Kamui Kobayashi (Special Supporter)

Race Queens (Each team will probably get two to a team but I don't know who goes with what team yet)
Saki Tachibana -- 2012 Race Queen Grand Prix Winner!
Haruka Aoi
Sena Kougami -- New RQ member this year
Ayana Sato -- New RQ Member this year

Now with added video content as well. So far it's just the #0 car

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